Japanese food and cuisine are vast and highly popular with the Indian crowd. The base of the cuisine is formed by rice and miso soup, along with the ever-popular sashimi. The cuisine is similar in taste to Chinese food but stands apart through some dishes that are exclusive to Japan. These include ‘tempura fried shrimp’ and the mouthwatering teriyaki sauce. Bring Japan to your home with the help of Swiggy coupon code and other Swiggy offers.

You can try it to make it at home all you want, but if you want the real deal, these restaurants are the place to go! And the best part, you can get it at home by using Swiggy coupons!


This is one of the best places to go to if you’re looking for authentic Japanese cuisine. Their sushi and togarashi prawns are unmatched and you can’t find better in the city. With Swiggy coupon codes, you can get them delivered to right where you are.

The Oriental Pot

The Japanese haven, The Oriental Pot serves extremely hearty dishes aimed to touch the soul. Specialising in Pot Rice, you get them in a variety of flavours and with a wide choice of proteins. The noodles there are also a must-have, which you can get cheap with Swiggy promo codes from CashKaro

Grand Hyatt

Grand Hyatt sells top-notch sushi and maki, which will keep you wanting more and more. For the vegetarians out there, this restaurant has a good number of vegetarian sushi options as well! You’ll get the feel of authenticity when you order from here and Swiggy offers brings it home to you!

Mandarin Oak

This restaurant is perfect if you’re looking for takeout. Their Mandarin Boxes serve the perfect meal at very affordable rates. Mandarin Oak has perfectly nailed their Asian flavours, and are known for the quality of food served. With some aid from Swiggy coupons, you can get these already affordable meals at the best cost!


Try this eatery for amazing, authentic Japanese food. Sushiya offers a wide range of traditional Japanese dishes including a variety of different Sushis like Maki, Sashimi and Nigiri. Try the Crispy Salmon Roll, Prawn Tempura Roll and California Roll to get your taste buds tingling with an explosion of flavours in your mouth!

By ordering from these restaurants, you can experience the goodness of the Japanese cuisine from the comfort of your living room. CashKaro has a host of Swiggy promo codes with which you can order in, and gorge yourself!

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