Buffets are quintessential. Why? Because they offer a wide variety of food at reasonable prices. Also because as Indians, we need to taste a bit of this and eat a bit of that. Imagine if we were to order all the dishes separately that we eat in a buffet! It would burn a huge hole in our pocket. And the food would be wasted. So, buffets. You have a wide array of food to choose from. You can eat as much as you want or as little of it. And it is pocket-friendly. Here is a list of all the places that offer great buffet service:

  1. Pirates of Grill

    Pirates of Grill operates in many major cities across India and serves some of the most authentic and delectable buffets in the country. One thing to keep in mind before heading out is that Pirates of Grill hosts both vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffets at separate timings for convenience.

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2. Panchvati Gaurav

The Panchvati Gaurav franchise has been offering finger-licking authentic buffets to customers since years. Focused mainly on traditional Rajasthani and Gujrati cuisine, the restaurants bring the taste of royalty to your everyday table. The franchise is well known for its spicy Rajasthani curries and sweet, flavorful Gujrati dishes. The scrumptious buffets and meal box are sure to win your hearts and leave you craving for more.


3. 24th Main

Located in JP Nagar, Bengaluru, 24th Main offers buffet that is meant to flatter your taste buds. The restaurant offers North Indian, South Indian and Chinese cuisine. The restaurant also serves regional Carnatic delicacies and hence is a must visit for foodies.


4. Bell Pepperz

Bell Pepperz is located in Ashok Vihar, Delhi and is famous for its vegetarian buffets. This pure vegetarian restaurant offers a variety of dishes and beverages. Some dishes to look out for if you head out or order food online are: Soya Chap, Paneer Tikka Masala, Dahi kebab, Pasta Arrabbiata. Or you can always head for a sumptuous buffet which fills your stomach and is light on your wallet.


5. Village- The Soul of India

The name sums it all. This restaurant franchise is located in a few major towns in India and brings to you the flavour of authentic village food. With all the hue and cry for healthy and organic food, this restaurant chain makes sure you get the freshest and best food on your plate. It specializes in Lucknowi, Maharashtrain, Gujrati and Bengali dishes besides serving other dishes of North and South Indian cuisine.


6. Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation operates in many Indian cities and has become an indispensible site for food lovers. You get the most amazing melt-in-the-mouth grilled kebabs coated in mouth watering sauces here. It is a gourmet’s paradise. The never ending menu will have you drooling in a jiffy. The restaurant also has a history of organizing food festivals!  You can either book a table or order food online. It is indeed happiness at your doorstep.


7.Ballygunge Place

And who said Bengali cuisine was only about fish curries? 6 Ballygunge Place is located in Ballygunge, Kolkata. For those of you who crave for a taste of authentic vegetarian Bengali cuisine, this is your go-to. The buffet offers some delectable authentic vegetarian dishes that are a must try. As the restaurant’s motto says, you can indeed eat to your heart’s content here.


8. Radisson

The Radisson franchise is as famous for its buffets as for its guest services. The hotels/ restaurants are located in major Indian cities. You will feel that every culinary item that you pop in your mouth is a standout effort from the kitchen team. The sumptuous buffet comes at a reasonable price.

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