Best Places to Get Salads in Delhi

Salad on Uber Eats in Delhi

Salads, unlike the misconception, is not just a bunch of leaves put together to make you healthier. It is true that salads are very healthy and a good source of nutrition and fibre. However, salads contain a lot more than just some vegetables. A lot of salads contain proteins like chicken or grains like quinoa which provide you with sustenance.

There are a ton of restaurants in India that make eating healthy easy for you. All you need to do is whip out your phone and order from Uber Eats, and within 30 minutes, you have your salad in front of you. Use CashKaro’s Uber Eats Promo code to order your salads from the following restaurants.


This restaurant is all about quick and healthy meals. They have rice bowls, meal bowls and a ton of salad options for you to choose from. You can order from here using Uber Eats coupons for fast and easy meals. Their salads are so tasty that it won’t even feel like a salad.

What to try: Quinoa with grilled veggie salad, Summer Tofu Salads

Fit Chef

As the name suggests, if you’re a fitness freak, this restaurant is for you. They have specialized meal plans for people on a strict diet and for whatever their weight goal is. Fit Chef will help you change to a healthier lifestyle. Start ordering now with Uber Eats promo and Uber Eats offers.

What to try: Veg Greek Salad, Smoked chicken with assorted veggies salad

The Burger Club

Although the name doesn’t pass as a healthy restaurant, this place tricks you into eating your greens. Their salads are ‘disguised’ as delicious recipes but they are in fact very good for you. You can order now using Uber Eats Promo codes and avail discounts!

What to try: Veg Club Salad, Chicken Club Salad

Grandma’s Khichdi PureVeg – Kamla Nagar

This place is for those who enjoy more Indianised salads. These are heavy on lentils and sprouts that are rich in protein. The salads from here are the perfect evening snack. Try it now with Uber Eats promo!

What to try: Sprout salad in a jar, Bean Trio Salad

Now that you know where to get your salads from, all that’s left is for you to order. Use CashKaro’s Uber Eats offers to avail discounts on your meal. Check out our page now to see all our Uber Eats coupons.

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