Best Sandwiches In Delhi

Be it a hot summer afternoon or a rainy evening, sandwiches work out as the best add-on in both the scenarios. Add to that the fact that it’s one of the best sandwiches in Delhi. Have we got your mouth watering yet?

Since we have ignited the sandwich lover within you, sit back and enjoy this list of different and best sandwiches in Delhi.

List Of Places To Get Best Sandwiches In Delhi

1. BOX8

  • Cost for two: Rs 400
  • Our Pick: Chicken Cheese Feast Sandwich, Fiery Paneer Sandwich

Box 8 has the best collection of sandwiches in your city. just enter your city name and you will be presented with mouth-watering options that please your taste buds to the core.

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2. Cafe Coffee Day

  • Cost for two: Rs 300
  • Our Pick: Crispy Veggie Delight, Smoked Chicken

CCD is famous for its freshly brewed coffee. But, to please their hungry visitors, they have also added a plethora of yummy sandwiches to the menu.

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3. Open Oven

  • Cost for two: Rs 500 onwards
  • Our Pick: Chicken Ham Sandwich, Paneer and Spinach Sandwich

Open Oven is a quaint bakery that offers the yummiest treats. They also have in stock, the most delicious wraps, rolls, sandwiches and more. You can order in or dine at the cozy restaurant.

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4. Grill Inn

  • Cost ForTwo: Rs 400
  • Our Picks: Simple Veggie Footlong, Deluxe Chicken Sub

Grill Inn provides a delicious meal with a delightful experience with sides like French fries and salad to make sure you gobble down the entire treat.

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5. FreshMenu

  • Cost for two: Rs 280
  • Our Picks: Winter Chicken Club Sandwich, Barbeque Chicken Club Sandwich with Egg, Chicken Ham, Bbq sauce and Golden Fried Potato Wedges.

FreshMenu, as the name suggests, offers the freshest sandwiches. They use scrumptious ingredients like corn, chicken, red cabbage, cheese and more.  Best Pizza In Delhi is also one of the best things Delhi has to offer. check it out.

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6. Hardrock Cafe

  • Cost for Two: Rs 2,500
  • Our Picks: Smoked Texas Chicken Sandwich, California Chicken Club sandwich

Hardrock Cafe is famous all over the country for its rocking music, sublime ambiance and delicious food. Check it out for yourself by visiting today!

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7. Innerchef

  • Cost For two: Rs 300
  • Our Picks: Mix veg cheese sandwich, Paneer Banh Mi Sandwich

Innerchef offers the tastiest sandwiches along with other food items including burgers, salads, shakes and more. They are all made with the freshest ingredients and yummiest recipes.

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8. Cha Bar

  • Cost for Two: Rs 500
  • Our Picks: Cucumber and Cream cheese sandwich, Smoked chicken and mustard sandwich

Cha Bar has a wide range of assorted teas from around the world. It also serves up some hearty meals such as sandwiches, salads, wraps and other snacks.

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9. Warehouse Cafe

  • Cost for Two: Rs 1,500
  • Our Picks: Grilled chicken sandwich, cheese sandwich

Warehouse Cafe is famous for its varied menu. Apart from scrumptious sandwiches, the restaurant also offers delicious Indian, Italian and Pad Thai cuisines.

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10. Out of The Box Cafe

  • Cost For Two: Rs 1,550
  • Our Picks: Grilled cheese and sun-dried tomato sandwich, Club sandwich

OTB cafe is one of the first cafes to gain popularity in Delhi. Here, you will find numerous sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, dimsums, chicken dishes and more.

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