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Pizza is a pleasant dish of Italian cuisine. Pizza is a classic favorite and every pizza-lover will stand by it. Whether kids, adults or the elderly, we love to get together over a slice of pizza. But, why go through the trouble of kneading the dough and baking a pizza when you can simply use the time to bond with your friends and family?

We have curated a list of places for you to order your favorite Pizza. And the best part is that the Zomato App is here to endow you with numerous Zomato offers and coupons available only at CashKaro. There is a wide range of restaurants and confectioneries offering mouth-watering pizzas with exclusive discounts on Zomato. Get your piping hot pizza delivered by the rapid Zomato Pizza delivery services, you can also check the Zomato discount code while you order your pizzas. Here are the best places to order pizza from Zomato:

1.Domino’s Pizza

One of the best places to order pizza, Domino’s has ruled the pizza business in India despite competition. Its specialty is in the simplicity of the menu and its scrumptious taste at a reasonable price. Domino’s pizza on Zomato also offers quick delivery so that you do not have to wait while your tummy is growling. You can use the Zomato coupon code while ordering your pizzas, they offer 40 to 50 Percent discount on order of ₹300.

2.Pizza Hut

Zomato offers awesome food from Pizza Hut at reasonable prices. It has a wide network pan India and is extremely popular for its cheese burst pizzas. You will also love the thick bases and wonderful toppings of exotic vegetables. Its menu for Italian cuisine is so wide that you will find it difficult to choose. Thanks to Zomato for catering food services at our doorsteps with an exciting feature of on-time delivery or free.

3.Pizza Express

This place surely has caught upon the Indian pizza lovers! It is mainly because of its great service and yummy hot pizzas. Spanned across a wide network, Pizza Express is famous for its pure vegetarian Pizzas and accompaniments that go with it.

You can visit Zomato online and avail Zomato discounts on a range of Pizza express Pizzas and juices or visit CashKaro.com to get better deals on its cheesy marvels.

4.Chicago Pizza

One of the best pizza joints in the country, Chicago Pizza never fails to make us happy. You will enjoy the zesty mushroom and tomato combo, or the barbecue burnt flavors on your pizza. You will also love the salad varieties here with great options for appetizers. For those who have been ordering pizza via Zomato, you will be pleased to find some attractive Zomato offers on your pizza.

5.Smokin Joe’s Pizza

The authentic flavour of Italy is not hard to find because you will get that in Smoking Joe’s Pizza outlet listed on Zomato. Just order it via the Zomato app and relish it away. If you are a spice lover, then there are many options that can be explored as toppings. You can order your pizza through Zomato, by applying the Zomato coupon code you can get exciting discounts.

So, pick up your phone or go online and visit CashKaro.com. We are sure you will be amazed at the assortment of offers they have for Zomato.

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