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plum cake cookies

Christmas cake initially was referred to as plum porridge. Porridge was eaten on Christmas eve to pacify their stomach after a day of fasting. But very soon honey, spices and dried fruits were added to this, making it a Christmas pudding. In the early 16th century, oatmeal was replaced with egg, wheat flour and butter to help hold the mix together.

After that, it resulted in the boiled plum cake. The wealthy households used marzipan to this cake mix and served it during easter. For Christmas, this recipe was made with exotic eastern spices as a representation of the Wise Men offering and was called out as Christmas Cake. That’s how plumcake came into existence.

You may find the best plum cakes and cookies in Big Basket. Big Basket offers a  wide range of these delicious cakes across the country and you can immediately calm down your cravings by ordering with them. Do not forget to use the big basket coupon code to make your experience a happier one.

Here are a few must-try plum cakes and cookies that you can get on Big Basket:

  1. Flury’s Plum Cake(500gms): Rs 500
  2. Winkies Authentic – Plum Cake(500gms): Rs 200
  3. Bisk Farm – Fresh Plum Cake(450gms): Rs 220
  4. Dream Over – Rich Plum Cake(350gms): Rs 175
  5. XPLOR Butter Shortbread Cookies(100gms) Rs 57
  6. Dream Oven Cookies – Vanilla(250gms): Rs 55
  7. Fresho Signature Thin Cookie – Curry Crisp, Gluten-Free, 100 g: Rs 99
  8. Dukes Danish Butter Cookies, 400 g Tin: Rs 155
  9. Ketofy Coconut Keto Cookies, 500 g: Rs 449
  10. Moreish Cookies – Royal Spread Dry Fruit (200gms): Rs 67

You can check the Big Basket promo codes regularly and avail exciting discounts fro your cake and cookie purchase. With the festival season around the corner, children’s vacation just close and guests flowing in, you need to stock up, hurry!

I have already heaped my eatable pool for the season, tried as many Big Basket voucher codes, saved heavy and I am all set for the celebrations to begin. Happy eating only on Big Basket, get started with your cake and cookie spree!

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