Salads are usually perceived as very boring and tasteless. People tend to go for salad options when they’re on a diet or trying to keep a healthier lifestyle. But not all salads need to be bland. With the right kind of ingredients and dressing, a salad can be one of the yummiest meals with maximum nutrition value! Here are a few picks for all salad lover in Bangalore:

Healthie – Indiranagar

Uber Eats rating – 4.1 stars
One of the healthiest food joints in Bangalore, this place offers all day breakfast, sandwiches and a special KETO menu. But it is really known for its wholesome salads. They have options such as Greek Chicken/Paneer Salad, Keto veggie salad, tangy chickpea salad and bean trio salad. All Healthie salads are full of nutritious value and even bigger on taste!

California Burrito – Sigma Mall

Uber Eats rating – 4.3 stars
As suggested in its name, California Burrito has a very American style menu. It has large variety of salads, both healthy and ones to indulge in! You can choose from items such as peri peri potato salad, barbeque paneer salad, crispy mushroom salad, grilled barbeque chicken salad or spicy chicken salad. You will never go wrong with the flavours here.

Glen’s Bakehouse – Lavelle Road

Uber Eats rating – 4.2 stars
One of Bangalore’s most loved spots, Glen’s known for its large menu and baked cheesecakes. But their salads are a hidden gem! The chicken salami and grilled chicken corn salad are a must try for meat lovers. For all vegetarians, do try the potato mustard salad or their Glen’s special house salad.

Café Azzure

Uber Eats rating – 4 stars
This new, delivery-only, Italian joint promises delicious food at hard-to-say-no prices. Their Waldorf Veg Salad with apples, walnuts, mayonnaise, honey and fresh cream is a must-try. They also have a chicken option for the same. They also have a fun sized, 3C salad which is cucumber bites with herbs, cream and cherry tomatoes.

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