“Namak theek hai?” is a question everyone asks or is asked in their lifetime, and for good measure. I’ve always been fascinated with how something as simple as salt can make or break a dish. But that’s just the way the world functions, and there’s no changing it. No matter where you go, you’re bound to find salt. Think about it, without salt, fries are just bland crispy potato sticks. Salt is historic, scientific, a symbol of unity, and the truest distinguisher of a great cook from a good one.

These small crystals derived from the sea are perhaps one of the most essential ingredients in every single dish. And if you’ve mastered the science of adding the right amount of salt to your recipes, congratulations, your stomach and soul are going to be forever happy! If you’re looking for great salt brands to cook great dishes, check out this list.

List Of 6 Best Salt Brands on Amazon 

1. Tata Salt, 1 kg 

Tata Salt, 1 kg
Tata Salt, 1 kg 

A household name in India, this salt brand needs no introduction. Upon its release as the nation’s first national branded iodized salt, it took the market by storm. It contains just the right amount of iodine that helps in mental and physical development. From children to adults, everyone can find merits in its consumption. The iodine helps in the proper mental development of children and prevent iodine deficiency in adults. You’ll find little to no impurities in this pack as it is vacuum evaporated, so you can be assured of its purity. 

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2. Tata Salt Lite, 1 kg 

Tata Salt Lite, 1 kg
Tata Salt Lite, 1 kg 

If you’re someone who suffers from hypertension, then this variant of Tata salt is the best pick for you. This salt contains 15% less sodium, which helps manage and maintain your blood pressure. If you have any apprehensions about the taste, let them go because even though this salt contains less sodium, it tastes the same.

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3. Aashirvaad Salt, 1 kg 

Aashirvaad Salt, 1 kg
Aashirvaad Salt, 1 kg 

Another popular brand in the country, the salt from Aashirvaad is pure and goes through the strictest quality checks. Made from natural sea crystals, this salt undergoes a three-week solar evaporation period, which ensures purity. The moisture-lock packaging helps keep the salt dry and prevents lumps. With assured iodine, this salt comes with many health benefits such as mental and physical development.

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4. Puro Healthy Salt, 2 kg 

Puro Healthy Salt, 2 kg
Puro Healthy Salt, 2 kg

Backed by the sciences from ancient India, this pink salt from Puro Healthy comes with several health benefits. This all-natural salt is free from harmful chemicals and any impurities. Pink salt helps improve eyesight, digestion, and overall wellbeing. With 84 minerals, this salt will provide you with all the nutrients you need to lead a healthy and happy life. Calling it multipurpose even seems like an understatement since you can use it for cooking, baking, cleaning, fermenting, and so much more.

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5. Urban Platter Pink Himalayan Salt, 1.5 kg 

Urban Platter Pink Himalayan Salt, 1.5 kg
Urban Platter Pink Himalayan Salt, 1.5 kg

Derived from the long Himalayan ranges that stretch across seven countries, this salt offers amazing health benefits. If its baby pink hue has also sparked your interest, you’re not alone. These rock-like crystals contain 84 essential minerals. It will also help alleviate respiratory problems like sinus. Compared to the white table salt, pink salt flows and absorbs much easier in your blood stream, making it a great choice for people with blood pressure issues.

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6. Natureland and Organics Himalayan Pink Salt, 1 kg 

Natureland and Organics Himalayan Pink Salt, 1 kg
Natureland and Organics Himalayan Pink Salt, 1 kg

Inculcate the habit of using pink rock salt derived into your daily cooking routine and you’ll see the difference. Apart from its intriguing colour and texture, this salt provides multiple health benefits. It helps balance your body’s pH system, improve sleep quality, regulate blood pressure, and so much more.

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Now that you know about the best salt brands out there, which one are you going to pick? Salt is something no household can function without. Afterall, why wouldn’t you want to add some great quality flavour in your life?

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