Be Comfy and Secure wherever you go with these Sanitary Products Brands

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One of the most important parts of a woman’s traveling kit is her menstrual hygiene products. The most widely used product in India is, of course, sanitary pads. They are convenient to use and carry around. After the evolution of pads, the ones available today are extremely effective and get the job done perfectly.

You can buy pads at just about any convenience or department store, but some shopkeepers make it an extremely awkward experience. If you wanna skip this, the best option is to shop for your sanitary napkins online, more specifically, on Big Basket. CashKaro has a ton of Big Basket coupons and Big Basket voucher codes which will help you save a lot of money. Here are the best brands on the market.

1. Sofy Anti-bacteria Pads

Sofy, by Unicharm, has been creating sanitary products for over 50 years. They are one of the leading brands in sanitary pads. Sofy’s Anti-Bacteria pads are one of the first anti-bacteria pads to be introduced in the market. They are extremely effective in keeping the smell out and keeps you feeling fresh throughout the duration of your period. Get these awesome pads with Big Basket offers.

2. Whisper Ultra-Soft

Whisper, by P&G, is perhaps the oldest sanitary pad brand in India. They produce various types of pads, but Ultra-Soft is probably the best. It is extremely thin, made of cotton, and you’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything at all. Get it using Big Basket voucher codes to avail discounts on your purchases.

3. Stayfree Sanitary Pads – Dry-Max All Night Ultra-Thin

Every girl’s flow is different. Some have extremely heavy flow in the day time while a lot have heavy nights. For this, you have Stayfree’s Night Pad. Though it is ultra-thin, meaning it will be extremely comfortable, it also holds a lot of fluid. You won’t have to get up in the night to change your pad. Buy this awesome product with CashKaro’s Big Basket coupons.

4. Bella Sanitary Napkins – Perfect Ultra

Bella is owned by a Polish company and has been making sanitary products for over 43 years. Their Perfect Ultra napkins are Ultra-thin, offering the best comfort and best protection against leakages. Get it using Big Basket coupon codes.

5. Carmesi

Did you know that the pads you use, get thrown into landfills and pollute the environment to a huge degree? That’s why products like Carmesi pads, which are completely bio-degradable are coming up. By using natural ingredients like Cornstarch and Bamboo Fibre, the pads are extremely comfortable and good for the environment. Contribute to the movement by buying Carmesi Pads using Big Basket coupon codes from CashKaro and save!

This is definitely part of your monthly shopping list. Be sure to buy it using CashKaro’s Big Basket offers, and check out our page for more Big Basket promo codes.

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