10 Best Shimmer Eye Shadow Brands - Complete Guide With Price Range

Eye shadows can define our eyes like no other item of makeup. Doing the eyes in the makeup takes up the maximum amount of time and not without a reason. The eye makeup alone is enough to reveal the mood of the wearer at a given point of time and shimmer eye shadows are just right for the purpose. There are a number of brands that make the best shimmer eye shadows are the palettes are sure to be mesmerizing.

10 Best Shimmer Eye Shadow Brands

1. Best Lakme Shimmer eye shadow

The Lakme 9 to 5 quartets is one of the best eye shadow options one can have in the shimmer category. The compact quartet is affordably priced and they are one of a kind, with nude shimmers being an added plus to any woman’s makeup kit. The shades have been carefully chosen to lend the most ethereal glow to the eyes. The products are priced around Rs 750.

2. Best Maybelline Shimmer eye shadow

Maybelline has some of the most stunning eye shadow palettes. The colors are carefully chosen and curated into groups and the rock nudes and pastel nudes are the best of the lot. The palettes are priced around Rs 890 and they are one of the most dazzling colors that one has in the market today. The eye shadows also have moisturizing effect.

3. Best Revlon Shimmer eye shadow

Revlon eye shadows are one of a kind and they are very moisturizing, giving the wearer the perfect scope to blend the products. The shimmer in the shades are derived from natural minerals and the colors are dazzling yet sophisticated, just what the modern woman wants to look. They are quite affordably priced around Rs 550 and upwards.

4. Best Blue Heaven Shimmer eye shadow

Blue Heaven is a new brand but their shimmery eye shadows are just what a girl needs for the party season. The colors are really festive and they can help create any look instantly. The applicator brush of the eye shadows is another plus point and they help with the perfect application of the colors. The products are priced around Rs 450 and above.

5. Best Oriflame Shimmer eye shadow

Oriflame has a beautiful palette of colors and the eye shadows also have nourishing and cooling effect. The colors actually stay on for hours, and there is hardly any need of doing it up. The eye shadows have both warm and cool hues and are hence suitable for any skin type. Those who want to buy the product can have them around a range of Rs 850 and above.

6. Best Sugar Cosmetics Shimmer eye shadow

One of the best brands to have glitter and shimmer eye shadows, the brand has something to suit every palette. The eye shadows are perfect to glam up any outfit and the colors are great for the party season. Those who want to have the best makeup on a budget, are sure to have what they were looking for. The palettes are priced around Rs 750 and above.

7. Best L’Oreal Shimmer eye shadow

One of the most renowned brands globally, the shimmer eye shadows from L’Oreal are used by makeup professionals around the world. The depth of the colors that can be achieved with them is amazing and the one can achieve both the playful as well as the sophisticated look with the eye shadows. They are priced around Rs 999 and above.

8. Best Lacome Shimmer eye shadow

Lacome is a world renowned brand and they are master of doing glam and shimmer. The colors are long lasting and there are also waterproof variants of the eye shadows. Those who want to achieve an understated and elegant look with their eye makeup are sure to love them. They products can be availed around a price range of Rs 1400 and above.

9. Best MI Fashion Shimmer eye shadow

The color palette from MI Fashion is one of a kind and the sheer range of colors they have is spellbinding and magical. It is possible to achieve the perfect or night look with the makeup and the brand is also one of the best in the mid range segment. The products are priced around Rs 700 and above.

10. Best Charlotte Tilbury Shimmer eye shadow

The eye shadows from Charlotte Tillbury are classic and inspired by vintage Hollywood glam. There are both warm and cool colors and the palettes are perfect for those who want nothing but the best for their skin and makeup. Priced around Rs 3000, they are one of the expensive products in the market today.

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