5 Best Sites To Buy HTC Mobile Phones

5 Best Sites To Buy HTC Mobile Phones

HTC is a Taiwanese technology company that has helped pioneer mobile phones that run Android Operating System. It is credited with developing the first smartphone ever. Their phone prices begin at around Rs.7,500 and go all the way up to Rs.55,000. Check out updated HTC Mobile Price at CashKaro.com

Here is our list of best websites where you can buy HTC smartphones at discounted prices.

Top 5 Sites To Buy HTC Mobiles

1. Flipkart

Flipkart offers over 100 different HTC mobile phones catering to various needs like processor brand, battery capacity, screen sizes and more. Most phones are offered at a discount of 10%-15%. Flipkart also offers great exchange offers for your old phones and convenient EMI payment methods.

Flipkart will deliver your phone all over India and refund cancelled orders with ease.

CashKaro Flipkart Mobiles Offer: Get up to Rs. 21,001 Off +1.5% CashKaro Rewards

2. Amazon

You can buy over 130 different HTC mobile phones on Amazon. HTC has basic phones, slide phones and smartphones as well. Many phones are offered at a discount of around 10%. However, you can grab few phones at a 15% discount too.

Amazon ships all over India and has an easy refund and cancellation policy.

CashKaro Amazon Mobiles Offer: Up to 50% off on latest top brand smartphones

3. Ebay

On Ebay buyers can find over 200 listed HTC mobile phones in all conditions including, new, featured, refurbished and used. Phones are offered in a wide price range, features and specifications. These phones are sold by several merchant and hence discounts can vary, but a modest 10% discount can be expected on most phones.

Ebay is a market place where individual merchants and buyers transact. Hence, shipping and refund policies may vary from merchant to merchant.

CashKaro Ebay Mobiles Offer: Get up to 35% Off + 4.32% CashKaro cashback

4. Gadgets 360

You can browse through over 80 different HTC mobile phones on Gadgets 360. HTC mobile phones come with varied features and a wide price range. You can even filter the phones as per the discounts offered on different phone or various other filters. On average a 20% discount can be availed, but some phones are also available at an attractive 50% discount.

While Gadget 360 offers free refund, buyers must report issues within 48 hours of delivery.

CashKaro Gadgets 360 Offers: Up to 80% Off + 1.7% CashKaro cashback

5. Shopclues

On Shopclues there is a similar but limited collection of almost 13 HTC phones. They have phones in unboxed, refurbished, used and even imported mobile phones categories. Most phones are available at a discount of 20%-30% but some phones are listed at an attractive 54% discount as well.

CashKaro Shopclues Mobiles Offer: Up to 50% Off + 3.75 CashKaro cashback

Lesser Known Retailers That Sell HTC Mobiles

Big C Mobiles

There are over 50 HTC mobiles listed at Big C Mobiles. You can find many variations and models as per you taste and needs.


There are almost 66 HTC smartphones available on Saholic. On average you can avail a 10% discount on some phones.


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