Sports sunglasses are an absolute must while on the field because not only does it protect the eyes from the glare of the sun, but it also acts as a protection against the dust and pollution on the field. Strong sunlight can also result in squinting and this can affect the vision that can be an impediment to playing the game properly. Sports sunglasses are different in design from the regular ones and there are number of good brands out there which make premium sports sunglasses. Here are some of them with their expected price range.

The Best Brands for Sports Sunglasses

1. Best Fahrenheit sports sunglasses

Fahrenheit sunglasses are made to fit snugly so that there is no problem of eye vision while playing during the game. The specially made frames are made to exactly fit the shape around the skull and that makes them one of the highest rates sports sunglasses. They can be had around a price point of Rs 2400 to Rs 3999.

2. Best Fastrack sports sunglasses

Fastrack sports sunglasses are much loved by the youngsters and are a constant with amateur sportsmen. The sunglasses are made from scratch proof glasses and they also provide UV protection that makes it great to be on the field without any eyesight problems. One can have them around a price point of Rs 1300 to Rs 4500.

3. Best Vast sports sunglasses

Vast sunglasses are extremely popular because of their sleek design as well as the comfortable fit they offer. The sunglasses are meant for all age groups and the colors and designs are truly of international standard. The sunglasses also come with UV protection and they are also scratch resistant in most of the options. They can be had around a price point of Rs 1140 to Rs 4400.

4. Best Zyaden sports sunglasses

Zyaden is quite a popular brand amongst the sportsmen and they are one of kind sunglasses, meant perfect for those who are into cycling or running. The glare from the sun can be a real hindrance to proper practice during the day and this is where the come in, protecting the eyes from the sun as well as pollution. They can be had around a price point of Rs 2100 to Rs 4500.

5. Best Tom Martin sports sunglasses

Tom Martin sunglasses are unique and they are known worldwide for their interesting shape and cut. The glasses not only fit snugly but they also help create a great style statement. The sunglasses are great for driving and cycling and any other similar activity. They are priced around Rs 3200 and Rs 6500 approximately.

6. Best Sheomy sports sunglasses

Sheomy has always been frontrunner when it comes to sunglasses and they have been designed by the best industry experts. The glasses come with guarantee and the UV protection is extremely well done. The glasses are sure to create the right impact and they have a high utility factor. One can have them around a price point of Rs 1800 and Rs 3200.

7. Best Ray Ban sports sunglasses

Ray Ban has reached cult status as far as sunglasses are concerned and their sports sunglasses are no different. They are made with the best quality lenses, the designing is sleek and sophisticated at the same time. They also serve with highest utility factor and is one of the highest rated sunglasses worldwide. Priced around Rs 4500 to Rs 7800, they are one a kind.

8. Best Zapper sports sunglasses

Zapper sports sunglasses are cool and trendy in design, and they have a number of dedicated buyers that are in love with the sleek and trendy looks. The sunglasses are quite happening in design and they go around the head to fit right in place, giving maximum comfort during the activity. They are priced around Rs 1200 and Rs 3200.

9. Best Clark and Palmer sports sunglasses

Clark and Palmer is known worldwide for its sleek and trendy design and the glasses have been very well received by the buyers. The sunglasses come in trendy colors and the design is internationally acclaimed. Priced at Rs 1200 and Rs 6700, there are glasses to suit every pocket.

10. Best Y&S sports sunglasses

Y&S sunglasses are very trendy and sleek and they are also sturdy and strong, giving the eyes the required protection during an activity. The sunglasses are quite also adjustable and that makes them fit just right. They can be availed around a price of Rs 2400 and Rs 4900 approximately and are one of the highly rated brands.

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