Best Squash Balls Brands

Playing squash is a very good way of keeping active and those who are good at it have found the perfect remedy for staying fit. However, the game can only improve and go on smoothly if there are the right balls to play with. There are a number of premium brands that make and sell squash balls and here are some of them listed alongside their prices. The squash balls are made from rubber and plastic and the best brands uses the basic quality materials for them.

The Best Brands for Squash Balls

1. Best Dunlop Pro squash balls

Those who have started playing squash for the first time can start their practice with the single dot squash balls. Since they do not bounce very high, they are great for amateurs and beginners and are perfect for honing the game. A pack of four balls can be had for a price of about Rs 880. The double dot variants are also available.

2. Best Head Tournament squash balls

Head Tournament balls also come in both the single and the double dot options and the players can choose according to their level of difficulty. It is important to have a clear idea about the nature and the intensity of the bounce before choosing the balls. A pack of 4 can be had around a price of Rs 1200.

3. Best Prince Rebel squash balls

The brand is one of the premium manufacturers of single, double and yellow dotted balls and hence they are always in demand by the seasoned athletic pros. The rubber used in the balls is of exceptionally high quality. A single dotted single piece of ball can cost around Rs 190.

4. Best Artengo squash balls

Artengo squash balls quite well known because of the superior bounce they offer and the seasoned players are well versed playing with them. The balls are made from high grade rubber and the bounce and slip is carefully measured by the manufacturing brand. The balls are also made from eco- friendly rubber and an entire pack is priced at around Rs 900.

5. Best Black Night squash balls

These squash balls are EZ balls and are meant for both pros as well as amateurs. The bright orange color of the balls gives them extra visibility, especially when sending balls at high speed. The balls come in a pack of three and are priced at around Rs 5600. They are priced at the higher end of the spectrum but are one of the best of the lot.

6. Best Wilson Staff squash balls

The balls are made from superior rubber and they are meant for tournaments. The balls are definitely one of the best in their class and are frequently recommended by professional squash players as well. A pack of three is priced at around Rs 1500 and there are single, double and yellow dot options in them.

7. Best Tools Supply squash balls

One of the best manufacturers of squash balls, these balls are especially great for those who have just started playing squash and the balls are great for intro and beginners level. The balls have a great amount of balance and they are ideal to be practiced alone or with a partner. One can buy a single ball for about Rs 4283 and they are quite on the expensive side.

8. Best SLB Works squash balls

The SLB double dotted balls are known for their low frequency which makes it great for the beginners to practice on. There are double dotted balls that are ideal for kids as well. A pack of balls can be availed around Rs 1500.

9. Best JPL Raquet squash balls

There are few brands that understand squash balls better than JPL and the balls are one of a kind. One can find balls of various frequency in a pack and they are ideal for making the players learn about the craft of the game. They are ideally priced around Rs 17218 for a pack of 12 balls.

10. Best Technifiber squash balls

The double yellow dotted balls from the brand are used by professionals and come highly recommended. The brand is famous for making their balls acquire the right precision and balance and that makes all the difference. One can have a pack of 12 balls around Rs 8559.

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