Almost two decades ago, the concept of street food was restricted to greasy burgers and adulterated Chinese. Back then, if you’d shared with anybody that you had tasted the delicacy of street food, it would have meant that you succumbed to unhealthy food and gobbled it down.

But today, the picture is quite different. Street food has taken a seat at the forefront of culinary revolution. So, here are some of the best street food places available on UberEats app from where you can order the choicest items and can even avail massive discounts and cashback with CashKaro.

1. Roll Express

Just as the name suggests, this place is a paradise for roll lovers. Whether you’re a chicken-person or too much into vegetarianism, Roll Express has a lot of variety for both types of people. So, if you’re looking forward to filling your stomach with appetizing rolls, place your order now.

2. Momo’s Point

In terms of variety and taste, Momo’s Point is one of the go-to places. Apart from offering hot, steamy momos, you can even find a variety of other eatables here. Right from chicken soups to veg burgers, salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, fries, and so much more can be tried here. So, order something now and avail amazing deals on the UberEats app.

3. Grill Inn

Today, Grill Inn is being recognized as one of the major street food outlets to grab some quick bites. If you’re choosing them, do try their 6” or 7” footlongs. By ordering a scrumptious item from them, you can get some amazing UberEats discounts.

4. Chopsticks

Does your taste-buds always hunt for authentic Chinese food? If yes, Chopsticks is your savior. From chili chicken to veg fried rice combo, they have a plethora of options to satisfy your hunger pangs. And then, they also have a wide variety in both veg and non-veg categories. So, if you want to have more discounts, make use of coupon codes from CashKaro and grab surprising cashbacks on every order that you place on the UberEats app.

Now that you are aware of top street food places from where you can order delicious food items, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t registered on UberEats yet, download the app, or you can even visit the Indian website of this brand.

Use CashKaro to get UberEats offers, coupons, as well as cashback on every order that you place. Satisfy your stomach and keep your pocket heavier with CashKaro.

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