There are some places in the world that will allow you to have different experiences. If you head to a beach-side town, chances are you’ll spend a lot of time in the water. If your go-to is Moutaneous peaks and cliffs, then hiking and treks are the norm. One of the best Mountain Regions in the world is undisputedly the Himalayas. Out of the places in the Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the best places to visit. Reasons follow.

A country with massive mountain peaks, picturesque landscapes, profound valleys, and rich cultural heritage is bound to take place in your list of the must-visit places in the world. A kingdom of the happiest people on Earth is the place where you can calm your nerves as well as dive into the pool of adventure activities. The historic monasteries and Dzongs (Forts) will give you an insight into the great heritage of Bhutan. Book your tickets immediately using Cleartrip coupons from CashKaro. We have curated a list for you to know about the best things to do in Bhutan, go have a look.

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Things To Do In Bhutan 

15. River Rafting

If you are on a quest for some adventure in Bhutan, then white water rafting is bound to give you the experience you can cherish for your lifetime. Along with some nerve-racking moments, this activity will give you glimpses of lush green meadows and enormous mountain peaks. You can go for this adventure sport by visiting Punakha and float in the Mo Cho River. The River rafting in the Mo Cho river is quite moderate with no excessive rapids, so even the first timers can go ahead with it.

14. Trekking

It is said “the most wonderful views come from some hardest climbs”, trekking in Bhutan will help you understand the saying. With pristine mountains kissing the blue sky and beautiful landscapes touching the river edges, trekking in Bhutan will enthrall you with its allure. Satiate the thirst of adventure when you trek through some of the most treacherous paths and ethereal views. While trekking, a walk through the villages of Bhutan will give you a closer look at the vast cultures of the country. A quick chat with the villagers accompanied by some lip-smacking dishes will be one of the best things you can do in Bhutan. While some treks have a high difficulty level some others are a perfect start for beginners.

Check out some of the best treks in Bhutan given below:

  • Jomolhari Trek
  • Merak Sakteng Trek
  • Snowman Trek
  • Nabji Korphu Trek
  • Druk Path Trek

13. Visit Dochula Pass

The snow-capped Himalayas makes Dochula Pass one of the highest passes in Bhutan elevated at a height of 10171 ft above sea level. Separated by a road from Punakha to Thimphu, the road will take you through a plethora of memorial chortens (stupas) established by Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuk. The Druk Wangyal Lhakhang is a temple which serves as the locale for the annual Dochula Druk Wangyel Festival. Along with the scenic beauty, you can also enjoy the colourful mask dance at the festival.

12. Cycling

A challenging way to relish the beauty of Bhutan is to get physical with nature when you cycle through the treacherous Bhutanese trails. If you are someone who wants to do something out of the box, then gear up with a bicycle and take a tour through those smooth roads and rocky terrains which will make you feel exhilarated. Rent a bicycle from Paro and commence your journey from the Paro valley which then passes through Thimphu, Dochula, Punakha valley and Ura. A beginner, as well as an already established rider, can take this bicycle tour through the country with some moderate and difficult roads.

11. Stroll at the Punakha Suspension Bridge

The longest bridge ever built in Bhutan will offer you some of the best views of the snow-laden mountains and the bluest water of the Po Chu river in Punakha.        The bridge has been built for the villagers to commute easily and the most wondrous thing about the bridge is that, being a suspension bridge, it is built in such a way that it never ever shakes. Take a walk from the Punakha Dzong and reach the suspension bridge while giving your eyes a treat of the amazing views.

10. Kayaking

The Paro Chu river flowing effortlessly through the Paro valley will make you feel ecstatic when you kayak your way through the river. A stretch of about 7 Kms, kayaking is the most fun way to explore Bhutan while going through some rapids. A perfect blend of moderate and high difficulties, kayaking in Bhutan is perfect for amateurs as well as professional kayakers. The major locations for kayaking in Bhutan are Paro Valley, Trongsa, and Punakha valley which is made up of the melting Himalayan glaciers which are then distributed into its tributaries.

9. Rock Climbing

Thimphu is the only place in Bhutan which would make you invest in the adventure of Rock Climbing. The Vertical – Bhutan Climbing Club is the only club where you can climb the mountains and make your way to the nose which is said to be the peak of the mountain. There are different routes to reach the highest point which go through some easy and difficult paths. So, gear up and go for Rock Climbing which will take you on a fun-filled ride.

8. Hot Spring Therapy

The hot springs in Bhutan known as Tshachu are the holiest sites in the country. It said that they have some healing powers due to the blessings of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Tranquilize your body and soul in the hot springs and relish gazing at the snow pinnacles in the backdrop. The hot springs are said to cure the body pains and sinus, so taking a dip in the heating pools will fill your souls with happiness.

7. Retreat and Meditation

The land of the thunder dragon is home to the authentic culture of Buddhism and some scenic views. People from around the world practice the art of meditation and yoga in the country. Meditating in the lap of nature is a great experience and visiting the serene temples will also make you feel quaint. Pacify your souls at some of the best retreat and meditation centres in Bhutan and give yourself that Bhutanese touch with that.

6. Archery

While travelling to this quaint paradise, you should also try your hands at the National Sport of Bhutan, Archery. The sport started gaining popularity in the late 1920’s, however, the government of Bhutan made it a National Sport in the year 1971. The villages in Bhutan hold Archery tournaments every year at the time of festivals, wherein the competitions are held along with people dancing to the traditional tunes which is a must-visit site in Bhutan. The Bhutanese people celebrate all festivities along with the archery tournaments, so learning the art of Archery would be a delightful experience for you.

5. Wildlife Safari

Famous for its diversified flora and fauna, Bhutan has the most splendid National Parks that will make you spot some of the most endangered species in Bhutan. While taking a jeep ride into those dense forests, spotting animals like wild bear, Asiatic elephants, tigers, leopards, golden langur would be an astonishing sight for you. Wildlife photographers from around the world turn up to Bhutan to take a shot of those species of flora and fauna. It would be the most ecstatic experience for you to take glimpses of the wildest of the wild creatures in Bhutan. Here is the list of the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries where you can gaze at the Wildlife.

  • Jigme Dorji National Park
  • Phipsoo Wildlife sanctuary
  • Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Thrumshingla National Park
  • Torsa Strict Nature Reserve

4. Camping   

How about spending the night under a blanket of stars? Well, you can experience the same while in the capital of Bhutan, Thimphu. Taking a trek through the verdant woods and pinnacles, the local guides will help you out in finding the best suitable place for camping where you can enjoy staying in the lap of mother nature. The ravishing view of the sunrise will be one of the most astounding experiences for you which you can remember for your lifetime. If you are planning a trip to Bhutan, then booking the local guides and camping under the starts would be worthwhile for you.

3. Fishing

An unexplored place like Bhutan has some hidden gems so exploring such unalike treasures would be quite a surprise for you. Strolling beside the rivers and tributaries, you can get yourself surrounded by the mystical forests and engage yourself in fishing. However, the country has some strict laws wherein you will need to have a permit before catching your first hit. There are several enactments that you need to go through while going for fishing in Bhutan. If you are all set with your permit, then a catch of the snow and brown trout will make you feel elated. You can go fishing in the Paro, Thimphu and Bumthang valleys along with Trongsa and Lhuentse region.

2. Biking

If you are a road trip junkie, then taking a motorcycle ride will be an exciting escapade for you. Bhutan has contrastingly some of the smoothest roadways and rocky paths which are suitable for freshers and experienced riders too. Thimphu to the Dochula Pass is one of the roads which will blow your mind away with some rocky edges and astounding landscapes. As said “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” the roads in Bhutan are going to take you to the most wondrous locations. If you are a beginner, then taking a bike ride through the cities of Thimphu and Paro would be a good start for you.

1. Attend Festivities

A land of vast heritage and culture, Bhutan has emerged to be the place of gross national happiness. With some of the happiest people on the planet, festivities are a part of Bhutan. A vacation in Bhutan while attending their year-long festivals is what makes your trip perfect. The people in Bhutan are vibrant just like the colourful country itself, so celebrating festivals is just a day to day task for them. Here is the list of festivals that you can attend while travelling to the Land of the Dragon “Bhutan”.

  • Paro Tshechu
  • Thimphu Tshechu
  • Haa Summer Festival
  • Punakha Drubchen
  • Jambay Lhakhang Drup

How to reach Bhutan

Flight | Train | Bus

Nearest Airport
Paro International Airport (6 Km away from the city of Paro)

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Nearest Bus Stand
Phuentsholing (151 Kms from Paro)

A bus service from Kolkata is there for passengers to Bhutan wherein the bus runs from Kolkata to Bhutan every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 PM and the same returns every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3 PM.

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Where to Stay

Park Hotel | Dewachen Hotel & Spa | Ariya Hotel

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Rent A Car:
Taking a road trip through the massive mountains and magnificent rivers is bound to make your vacation the best out of the rest.

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