Trekking shoes are a must for any hiker or trekker and any regular sports shoes or sneaker will just not do beyond a point. If hiking especially on difficult terrain, it is important to ensure the complete safety and security of the feet to prevent any injury because there is usually no or little medical assistance available on a trail. Women’s Trekking shoes will relax the feet and help you cover the big miles, without putting undue stress on the body. Here is a list of the best trekking shoes that are currently available along with their approximate prices.

list of 10 best Trekking Shoes Brands In India

1. Wildcraft

Wildcraft trekking shoes have always been popular among the users and one look at the shoe is enough to tell that these are shoes for the professional hiker. The shoes are solid and sturdy to look at and they are made from leather and mesh to provide both style and substance. One can avail the shoes for a price of about Rs 2500 to Rs 6700.

2. T- Rock

T- Rock Peakfreak shoes are strong and sturdy and they are also available in waterproof varieties. The hiking shoes come with special grip to hold on to slippery surfaces like a wet hill track. There is added padding on the soles for extra comfort and there are shoes for both men and women. The shoes can be bought for a price of about Rs 449 to Rs 1400.

3. Columbia

Columbia shoes have been designed by industry experts for light to medium trekking experience. The higher rated variants provide ample strength to the feet while walking for hours at a stretch and they are in a way the best shoes for first time hikers, who need to get used to the feel of hiking boots. The shoes are available at an affordable price of about Rs 6000 to Rs 17,000.

4. Unistar

Unistar trekking shoes have been around for a long time now and they are definitely one of the favored brands in the mid range segment. The shoes are made from PSU leather and mesh and the tie up shoes fit snugly, making trekking a very comfortable experience. The shoes can be bought for an approximate price of Rs 750 to Rs 1500.

5. Campus

Campus trekking shoes are also wonderful for first time hikers. The shoes are a good option to start with when trying out hiking for the first time because of their lightweight nature. In spite of it, the shoes are fairly strong and sturdy and they have managed to garner positive review from users. One can avail the shoes for a price of around Rs 800 to Rs 1300.

6. Nivia

Nivia shoes are among the top rated brands globally and the trekking shoes are no different. The shoes are stylish and strong at the same time, making hikers and trekkers want to continue with their walk. Nivia has a good range of options for both men and women and they are available for a price of about Rs 999 to Rs 6700.

7. Red Chief

Red Chief has standard hiking shoes in leather and also in other variants. A highly rated shoe brand, the red chief shoes are one of a kind and they are known for being extremely sturdy. The shoes help in providing extra support to the calf muscles and that relieves aches in the legs during long walks in difficult terrain. The shoes are at a price range of between Rs 2245 to Rs 7800.

8. Big Fox

One of the best names in the field of trekking shoes, Big Fox is known for its great value for money and the international look and feel that the shoes have. They shoes can practically take on any terrain and is one of the reasons why it is a favorite with the serious hikers who stay on the trail for weeks at a stretch. The shoes are available at a price point of about Rs 449 to Rs 1500.

9. Revoke

Revoke Adventure Cruiser trekking shoes are standard shoes in the mid range segment and provide the required comfort to the trekkers on a regular trail. They provide medium support to the legs and the shoes are made from mesh, with tie up and well as strap on options. The shoes can be bought at a price range of about Rs 449 to Rs 999.

10. Power

Power trekking shoes from Bata will help the trekker for light to medium trekking grounds and are one of the best options in the market today. Not only are the shoes very light, but they are perfect for young hikers as the shoes are really easy on young bones, but provide them with the required support at the same time. At Rs 999 to Rs 3999 they are also one of the most affordable brands in the Indian market.

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