10 Best Water Bottle Brands– Complete Guide with Price Range

10 Best Water Bottle Brands– Complete Guide with Price Range

Need a water bottle that suits your requirement and fits in your bag? With so many options in the market, it’s a tough choice to make. While buying a water bottle, certain things are to be kept in mind, the size that you are looking for, the design and most importantly, the purpose. This article is going to give you an idea about the water bottle you need to suit your requirements.

List of 10 Best Water Bottle Brands

1. Best Platypus Water Bottles

Platypus water bottles are soft and sleek and easy to carry around. They are best for carrying a small amount of water and flaunting its various vibrant colors. It fits perfectly in your small bag without taking up much space. The pricing starts from ₹514 to ₹2,910. These water bottles are made from good quality plastic so that it doesn’t have any adverse effect on your health. If you’re are looking for a small bottle that fits into a small space and could be carried at all place then this will be the right choice.

2. Best Nomader Collapsible Water Bottles

As the name suggests, it is a collapsible water bottle and has the maximum number of usages in numerous sectors. Whether it is used in the office or the gym, it will serve you just fine irrespective of the conditions ranging from ₹1,543 to ₹3,176. It is the perfect choice for trekking as it can be folded whenever you want and it can be brought to its original size by unfolding it. This water bottle is made of shatterproof and silicon material so that it can endure hard conditions.

3. Best Lifefactory Water Bottles

The most common problem with water bottles is that they tend to slip from hands due to the lack of gripping on the bottles. Well, worry no more! Lifefactory brings water bottles that have grips on them so that it never slips. It also has a protective silicon sleeve for even better grip. The best feature is that it is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to waste time cleaning your bottle separately. The pricing starts from ₹1,236 to ₹1,991. It is perfect for gym use as the hands are generally sweaty during the gym session and it requires a bottle with better grips.

4. Best Insulated Polar Bottles

This brand of bottles has a thick double layered coating to keep warm liquid warm and cold liquids cold. Insulated Polar bottle helps in having the desired temperature of water wherever you go. This bottle is especially for outdoor uses where things can get a bit challenging, and your throat demands a particular temperature of water. Whether it is cold outside or hot, your water is going to stay the way you want. Starting from ₹1,369 this water bottle is for outdoor conditions.

5. Best Vacuum Insulated Hydro Flask Water Bottles

Hydro Flask water bottles are mainly used for the mountaineering purpose. The water holds from freezing through the vacuum in snowy areas. This type of water bottles is also used as a flask to store hot or cold water. It retains heat up to 6 hours. If you don’t happen to like the cap of the bottle, then there are various caps available separately to suit your style. Ranging from ₹989, these water bottles are a must if you decide to go mountaineering trip.

6. Best Thermos Nissan Intak Water Bottles

Thermos Nissan Water bottle brand is the most hygiene focused water bottle brand who work more on the sanitation and cleanliness of the water that is stored in. It keeps germs at bay, and it has a push button sipper that is grasped by a cap so that dust can not enter. The construction of the water bottle is such that it is impact resistant and has no problem of gripping. Thermos Water Bottle is the best choice for going hiking as it is highly durable and takes very less space to fit in but provides service of optimum quality. Starting from ₹1,269 to ₹1,558 this is the budget-friendly hiking bottle that you were looking for.

7. Best Modern Bolt Water Bottles

The brand comes with various features, from copper coating to vacuum insulation. Modern Bolt Water bottle perfect for gifting occasions as it is of many uses and the person receiving this gift whether an adult or a child will enjoy the service of the product. Starting from ₹565 it comes with a wide range of colors, stainless steel and most importantly the exterior will not sweat.

8. Best Nalgene Tritan Narrow Mouth Water Bottles

The brand comes with bottles that have a spacious interior which includes watermarking for the quantity. If you are a fitness freak and love to measure and drink your water then this is the right choice for you. Starting from ₹671 it is the best bottle that retains no smell and is available at a wide range of prices. It is sturdy and won’t stan, so you can use it for years without worrying about the condition of the bottle.

9. Best Camelbak Chute Water Bottles

This brand of bottles is mainly made of tirtan copolyester that can endure the hard outdoor and gym conditions so that one doesn’t have to worry about the leakages in the bottle. Starting from ₹2,586 to ₹4,030 this comes in various price ranges to suit your budget and use. Bottles are made of a premium quality that can withstand an accidental fall as well. It holds a full liter of water so that you don’t need to refill it again and again.

10. Best Embrava Sports

As the name suggests, the bottles are made for sports purposes so that they don’t break during your athletic times. These are useful for taking on the go and can be helpful for any sports player, giving him a premium quality. Starting from ₹3,174 it is worth the price you spend and rest assured that the quality will not disappoint you ever. The longevity of the bottle is also guaranteed for more than four years.



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