10 Best Wayfarer Frames Brands

Wayfarer frames are perhaps the most versatile among all the various kinds of sunglasses out there. They make the wearer look smart and look good on almost face shapes. Wayfarers also have a very casual vibe and they are the best when one is out on the roads or going for a vacation. The frames are such that they also suit both men and women and this is why it is one of the highest selling styles. Here are some of the brands for this kind of frames along with their expected prices.

List Of 10 Best Brands for Wayfarer Frames In India

1. Best Idee wayfarer frames

Wayfarer frames from Idee are extremely popular and one can simply get the frames and install a color of glass of their choice if they are not particularly happy with the color of glass they come in. One can get both regular colored or mirrored glasses and they look great with both. The frames are mostly priced around Rs 889 and Rs 2261.

2. Best Vogue wayfarer frames

Vogue wayfarer frames are not just popular among the masses but even the celebrities seem to endorse them. The frames are available in plastic fiber as well as high quality alloy and metal and the sheen of the frames stay for years when maintained properly. They are priced around Rs 2130 and Rs 7260 approximately.

3. Best Younky wayfarer frames

Younky frames are super trendy and the glossy wayfarer frames are every travelers dream. The sunglasses are not just great for the youngsters but they have a style and elegance about them that also makes them suitable for mature men and women. One can have the frames for a price range of Rs 2187 and Rs 4220.

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4. Best Y&S wayfarer frames

Y&S frames are highly coveted amongst those who are eager to set forth a style statement every time they step out and the wayfarer frames are just the right accessories for the purpose. The frames are one of a kind and the classic shape never goes out of style. The frames are made from good quality alloy and are priced around Rs 2166 and Rs 5219.

5. Best Vast wayfarer frames

Vast is known for its trendy sporty frames but they also happen to have one of the largest ranges of wayfarer frames as well. Both men and women will be able to find something that they like and the frames are known for their flexibility and strength. They are priced around Rs 1260 and Rs 5210 and are very popular among the general buyers.

6. Best Ray Ban wayfarer frames

One can never ever go wrong with Ray Ban frames and they are definitely one of the higher priced ones in the segment. The frames are unique and are more elegant than the other wayfarers. One can have them around price range of Rs 4328 and Rs 21, 233 approximately. The frames come in the most exciting colors as well.

7. Best Tommy Hilfiger wayfarer frames

Tommy Hilfiger is a world renowned brand and they are always reinventing themselves in keeping with the changing tastes of the public. However, the wayfarer brands are one of a kind and there are always going to be takers for them. The frames are priced around a regular Rs 2186 and Rs 6127 and they are one of the most coveted brands.

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8. Best Reebok wayfarer frames

Reebok is mostly known for its sporty and athletic frames but the casual wayfarer frames are just as popular. They are light and fit perfectly and they are available in a wide range of shapes to suit every shape of face and bone structure. They are priced affordably around Rs 1270 and Rs 4199.

9. Best Adidas wayfarer frames

Another very popular sporty brand, the Adidas wayfarer frames are sure to set a real style statement and make you the center of attention. With frames available in interesting and unique colors and patterns, and with the trust of the Adidas brand behind them, they are one of the highest selling frames globally. They can be had around a price point of Rs 2170 and Rs 6120.

10. Best Fastrack wayfarer frames

Fastrack from Titan knows exactly what the youngsters want today and these sunglasses reflect the carefree nature of the age. The frames are light and very sturdy, perfect to endure the wear and tear of the roads. They are priced around an affordable Rs 2189 and Rs 3190 and are a top selling product from the brand.

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