Women Flip Flop Brands on Flipkart

Don’t you agree with us when we say that whoever invented Flip-Flops was a total genius? Someone actually thought that comfort and style could be put together, and voilà, Flip-Flops was born! They are unbelievably comfy and go with all kinds of casual clothing like jeans, leggings, and sweats. Check out some of the best women’s Flip-Flop brands that ‘Flipkart sale today’ offers.


Founded in 1948, Puma is one of the world’s leading sportswear company. Puma offers a collection of shoes, Flip-Flops, shorts, track pants and more. Flipkart offers Puma Flip-Flops in different colors and materials. Puma’s Flip-Flops mainly come as a slip-on or as thong straps.


Adidas was founded in 1924 and is the world’s second-largest activewear manufacturer after Nike. Along with different varieties of shoes, tracksuits, shorts, bags and more, Adidas also manufactures Flip-Flops. Open the Flipkart website or app to choose from 3 categories of Adidas Flip-Flops- Adidas, Adidas Neo, and Adidas Originals.


Although a little expensive, the Flip-Flops that Crocs offers are very durable and come in so many colors and styles. Even though some people do have mixed feelings about Crocs, you’ve got to admit that they look super cool and funky! Buy Crocs Flip-Flops on Flipkart’s upcoming sale and get Flipkart coupons and Flipkart discount codes.


Lotto provides an extensive selection of Flip-Flops, shoes and other apparel. Their classic designs are always in trend and are quite popular. They mostly come in rubber and synthetic leather and are also very affordable.


Doctor’s Flip-Flops are gaining immense popularity these days, though they are not very attractive. They are incredibly soft and spongy and are a huge hit especially among stay-at-home mothers who have to stand all day and do work all around the house. These orthopedic Flip-Flops prevent and relieve foot pain and are very comfortable to walk in.


Known for manufacturing strong and durable footwear, Nike has also come up with equally durable flip-flops! You can get them at really cheap prices in the upcoming Flipkart sales and wear them around the house or head over to the nearby market place or a friend’s house without compromising on style or comfort!

Check out ‘Flipkart sale today’ offers on Flip-Flops for exciting Flipkart offers and Flipkart coupons! Buy now! Happy shopping!

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