Big Bazaar Plans Online Retail On Seasonal, festive and Special Days

Future group’s flagship retail chain, Big Bazaar launched its online website on the midnight of August 10,2018. With the launch of it’s online platform, Big Bazaar is looking to enter the online retail space. However, the online presence is only set to complement special sale days such as Big Bazaar’s five-day Mahabachat sale and other seasonal and festive occasions. Prior to its website launch, consumers could buy from Big Bazaar shop via Amazon Now.

This fragmented approach to online retail is seen as an endeavour to reach more people with discounts and offers on special sale days. Bringing in the digitally savvy younger generation which in most families are also the influencers is another motive for Big Bazaar going digital. This will give more touchpoints for consumers. The company is looking to capitalise on ‘digitally influenced shopping decisions’. In the long run, it is believed that Big Bazaar’s seasonal online retail presence will serve as a channel that augments offline or physical stores and drives footfalls for the select period.



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