Bigg Boss season 10 has reached its final instalment and let’s admit we didn’t expect some of the inmates to make it so far. There were some good moments and some really unforgettable moments. But of all the things that have happened inside the house, Swami Om definitely got a chunk of limelight with his appalling demeanour and misdeeds.

They say only the strongest survive and it takes a lot to handle when you are under surveillance 24×7. The finalists are as follows and it’d be interesting to see who will win the last round of bout to reach the finale.

Manveer Gurjar


Manveer is probably the most loved India wala in the house. He has earned the respect and a position for himself amongst the housemates. The Bigg Boss platform has shaped the best in him as you can see in the picture above. You may not know but his real name is Manoj Kumar Baisoya but what’s in a name?

Lopamudra Raut


Winning Miss United Continents 2016 wasn’t enough for this young and beautiful girl, so she decided to take over the Bigg Boss house. Lopa’s solid stance against the wrong every now and then has made people fall in love with her.

No matter how weird, indifferent, and perplexing she is, VJ Bani is winning hearts bro! Her love for eggs is inescapable. She started her career with Roadies and has never looked back since then. We get the other side of her which she perfectly hid behind her toned body and tattoos. She may be hard on the outside like the shell of an egg but she surely is soft in the inside. Now we know her love for them in the first place.

He may have done some notorious activities but his second innings at Bigg Boss house has proved that he is a man of strong will. He is clever, witty, and outspoken to the extent where he can win the show.

Rohan Mehra


The chocolate boy of the house is the reason why many young girls watch Bigg Boss. Rohan may look sweet but that’s not the whole picture. He is a national level table tennis player. His journey has made his fans respect him even more.

manu punjabi

We bet on these contestants for top 3 finalists- Bani J, Manveer Gujjar, and Manu Punjabi.

What does your gut say?

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