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Flipkart has merged Billion, a private label brand founded by Sachin Bansal into its private label business. Billion was formed as a private label selling electronics, appliances and accessories by Sachin Bansal after he resigned from the post of Flipkart’s CEO in 2016. Billion is positioned as a reasonably priced brand tailored specifically with the Indian customers in mind. Before leaving Flipkart, Bansal was operating Bilion as a brand separate from Flipkart’s private businesses.

However, since Billion has been merged with Flipkart, it is now a part of it’s private label business consisting of eight brands being managed by Adarsh Menon, Flipkart’s private labels vice president.

According to Adarsh Menon, Billion has very effectively created the Make in India and Made in India space for itself. Billion though now merged with the private label business of Flipkart will continue with its efforts to address very Indian customer centric requirements and work in tandem with Flipkart’s partners to deliver those to the Indian consumers.

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