Bitbns – What Makes It the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in India?

Cryptocurrency has taken over the globe as a digital asset used for online trading and transactions. With the Supreme Court overturning the ban imposed by RBI on cryptocurrency payments, it has paved new pathways for the payment exchange to grow its roots in India too. Amongst them is the country’s very own Bitbns, which is, apparently, an abbreviation for ‘BITcoin Buy aNd Sell’. Let’s check out some of the advantages of Bitbns and why Indian crypto users should trade using Bitbns.

Benefits of Bitbns

1. Safe and Secure Trading

Bitbns ensures a top-class security platform for all your transactions and funds. The cryptocurrency exchange leverages SSL encryption to protect all your payment-related activities under thick drapes.

2. No Registration Charges

Bitbns offers a transparent cryptocurrency exchange by not levying any fee or charge for account creation and maintenance, or for holding your cryptos.

3. Trusted and Verified Network

All the members on Bitbns go through a rigorous verification process where they need to verify their identity via KYC, PAN Card and other ID proof prior to sign up.

4. Automated Buy and Sell

Bitbns offers an automated program to make your trading experience even more convenient. Place your trade order and sit back as all now is left on the Bitbns systems, that will automatically match your trade request to suitable buyers and sellers to execute the order.

5. P2P Deposits and Withdrawals

Bitbns employs a peer-to-peer based deposit and withdrawal model to bring a hassle-free and seamless trading experience at the disposal of the crypto users. Bitbns boasts its USP for the customer that it offers Instant Deposit and Withdrawal (within 30 minutes) compared to 4 hours or more offered by any other competitor.

6. 24×7 Customer Support

Bitbns conducts a 24×7 customer support program to help users with efficient and timely response to queries round-the-clock. Users can connect to the customer care through an array of support channels, including website, email, and many social media platforms.

7. Margin Trading & Stop Limit Orders

Bitbns enables its users to lend or borrow digital assets through margin trading to help multiply their profits. The crypto exchange allows users to place stop-limits on trade orders to ensure extra downside protection and keep things in control.

8. Cheapest Trading Fee

Bitbns has been the cheapest crypto exchange platform in terms of trading fees for the last 2-3 years compared to other partners. They rank each user based on trading volume and then assign them a VIP level, anywhere from VIP 0 to VIP 9. The trading fee charged reduces for each level, from 0.25% at VIP 0 going down to just 0.03% at VIP 9 level.

Why Crypto Users in India Should Use Bitbns?

The craze and popularity of cryptocurrency in India encouraged founders of Bitbns to introduce a crypto trading platform which is trustworthy, transparent, and user-friendly. Bitbns poses as the best option for Indian users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets or currency in a smoother, faster, and more comfortable way. The simple, aesthetic, and easy-to-use interface and legally accepted payment methods on the crypto exchange platform makes your digital trading experience a seamless one. The transparent conversion process and a range of cryptocurrencies makes Bitbns an ideal option for Indian users to start digital trading from scratch without any prior knowledge of operating cryptos.

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