Blackberry Key2, June 2018 Launch

Blackberry Key2, June 2018 Launch

Expected Release: June 7, 2018

Blackberry is back in business with the launch of a new business Phone this June. The successor to KeyOne will probably feature dual camera along with a glassy qwerty keypad.

What’s new about Blackeberry Key2: 

  • The Blackberry Key2 will most probably feature a dual camera set up. It may also allow you to take videos in 2160p at 60fps.
  • The phone is rumoured to have a 6GB RAM and will be powered by the Snapdragon 660 chipset.
  • Leaked images show that Key2 has 3 buttons on the side. Apart from the volume rocker and power, the third button could be the customizable key, which is present in KeyOne as well.
  • Key2 will run on Android 8.1.

Expected Price in India: Rs. 42,999

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