With winters comes an explosion of fashion options-scarves, mufflers, boots, blazer, coats and jackets. One of the most stunning fashion apparels that winters has to offer surely has to be blazers as they look extremely stylish and chic and is perfect for girls who want to rock an androgynous look. Blazers come in a variety of styles and colors and every girl needs to have a few essential blazers in her wardrobe to make winters an amazingly fashionable affair.

Check out the top blazer styles that are making rounds around the globe that you absolutely must own:

Boyfriend Blazer

The boyfriend blazer is surely a must have as it makes for one of the smartest collections in your wardrobe. Boyfriend blazers add the perfect nonchalance you’re going for. This style of blazer fits loosely giving the feels of a girl having thrown on a pair of a boy’s blazer while still looking femininely stunning. Throw on a loose blazer over a form fitting top or shirt leaving it unbuttoned for that perfect juxtaposition. You should go in for well-fitting lowers as well for that perfect and balanced appearance. Find a huge variety of blazers with Koovs Offers to get amazing offers that are hard to resist.


Bomber Blazer

The Bomber Blazer is another trendy option for you to invest in. It lends the right androgynous look. Bomber blazers or jackets usually have a zipped front with tightened sleeves and can make any look appear spunky and fun in no time. Throw in a printed bomber blazer over normal tees or a top and you’ll instantly find your look transformed into a desirous mix of casual meets sporty. Add a pair of boots and you’re good to hit the town!


Cropped Blazer

Cropped Blazers look extremely sexy and can add tons of oomph to an outfit in no time. Cropped blazers are usually worn with formal shirts but you can also pair it with a casual sweater or tee shirt with ripped jeans to get that perfect formal tinge to an otherwise casual wear. The look can be pulled off both with a pair of heels for formal shirts and a pair of sneakers for casual tops. Cropped blazers are one of the most versatile styles you’ll find and you can go in for a perfectly smart one with Jabong Offers to earn great discounts and deals on your purchase and make every outfit extremely stylish.


Colored Blazer

Going in for a colored blazer can do wonders for your wardrobe. A colored blazer can be worn over a dress, formal shirts as well as casual outfits and add a brilliant splash of color. One of the best ways of carrying a colored blazer is to team it with a monochromatic outfit and allowing the blazer to steal the limelight. You can further accentuate the look by adding some bling in the form of a statement bracelet or chunky necklace that will completely take any event you hit by storm.


Navy Blazer

A Navy Blazer is surely one of the most stylish blazer options that can make any outfit look extremely elegant and vogue. They’re usually short with white collars and detailing with bright gold buttons adding the perfect dash of bling with sophistication. They add an element of style and make any attire look extremely formal while at the same time adding a tinge of sportiness. Pair them with a perfect pair of heels or boots and the end result will surely be thrilling.


Be sure to invest in these dazzling blazer styles that will give you another beautiful reason to fall in love with winters.

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