Not just amazing acting chops, these Bollywood divas also have a knack for entrepreneurship. This Women’s Day, we bow down to women who took on diverse, strong roles and set remarkable examples to all the women out there. Here are 5 actresses who went on to become successful entrepreneurs.

Twinkle Khanna


At this point, the number of women who don’t know and respect Mrs. Funnybones is scarce. After her stint with Bollywood, she did not let herself remain just another Starwife. Today, one can describe her as interior designer, published author, newspaper columnist and mother. Both her books Mrs Funnybones and The Legend of Lakshmiprasad are bestsellers, her interior décor store ‘White Window’ boasts of her unique talent and she writes for leading newspapers like The Times Of India regularly. For her inspiring work, she won the Outlook Award in 2016 for the most inspiring woman of the year.

Shilpa Shetty


Being married to a London based entrepreneur, Raj Kundra , did not let Shilpa become complacent. She went on from being a huge Bollywood name to a woman of prolific talents. She co-owns her own chain of fitness spas called IOSIS. Being a fitness fanatic, Shilpa also released her very own yoga DVD which helped women get fit. She and her husband have approximately 11.7% stake in Rajasthan Royals cricket team in the Indian Premier League.

Sushmita Sen


It’s hard to skip Sushmita when you speak about strong women. She broke the biggest stereotype by denouncing marriage and adopting two beautiful girls. But that was just the beginning of the wondrous things she’s done. Currently, the ’94 Miss Universe owns a chain of prominent jewelry stores named RENÉE based in the Middle East, she leads a company Sensazione that owns hotels and spas across India. She also has her very own production house called Tantra Entertainment Pvt Ltd. In 2016, Sushmita received the honor of being on the Miss Universe Panel of Judges where her life took a full circle. She’s nothing less than inspiring and the boldest of them all.

Bipasha Basu


Being an advocate of physical fitness, Bipasha launched a fitness DVD ‘Love Yourself’ in 2010 wherein she showcased a 60-day weight loss routine emphasizing on loving the body you’re in.  In 2014 she came out with a sequel ‘Break Free’ which consisted of a 30-minute dance routine. Finally, the third DVD ‘Unleash’ came out in 2014 and focused on plyometrics as a way of staying fit and active. Bipasha has now become a household name in fitness and continues to motivate women across the country to become the best version of themselves.

Lara Dutta


Miss Universe 2000 also has a lot of feathers in her cap. Starting from numerous hits in Bollywood, she moved on to the role of producer with her own production house Bheegi Basanti. In collaboration with Chhabra 555, she also came out with her own saree collection. She released Prenatal Yoga With Lara Dutta, a fitness DVD targeted at pregnant women in 2012. She is also the creator of fitness and Yoga app HEAL with Lara that offers tips and tricks to get fit with Yoga. Along with fitness, it also focuses on mental well-being.

It’s always heartening to see women who could sit back and enjoy all the luxuries of life without moving a muscle actually going out there and creating something of their own. We wish you a Happy Women’s Day, ladies and we ask you – If they can, why can’t you?

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