It’s not news anymore that some or the other Bollywood actor is “catching the bus to Hollywood”. We’ve seen many B-town regulars now become American Talk Shows homies. Much to the surprise of the high-spirited high-on-grueling hosts, our stars have literally burned the house down with their commendable wit and humour brigade on many occasions without batting an eyelid. Don’t believe us? Have a look!

Priyanka Chopra on The Jimmy Kimmel Show

priyanka-chopra-7595She came on the Jimmy Kimmel Show for the second time for her Season 2 Premiere of Quantico right after winning the People’s Choice Award in the popular category for Drama.

Jimmy Kimmel: You smell very good, which is just as good as you look, which is great.

PC: Well, all of my interviews start with that and I’m so glad about it. I feel super special.

JK: (On winning the People’s Choice Award) Why does it seem like who’s lost it is never there and the people who win are always there?

PC: Well, I’m glad I was there for two years in a row! And I’m just going to be there every year, … just in case 😛

*On Jimmy’s curiosity on PC’s plans for marriage*

PC: I believe a girl’s single till the day she’s actually married.

She has given us a whole new dimension of talk show humour considering the latest SloMo Baywatch move at the Seth Mayers Show recently. She’s surely a Hollywood regular now!


Deepika Padukone on The Hollywood Live! Show


For the promotions of her badass Hollywood debut, Deepika appeared on Hollywood Live’s Kit Roover and Laila Ali.

Kit Roover: You were auditioned for F&F but you didn’t make it considering Vin Diesel wanted you for F&F 7, were you a fan of that franchise?

DP: It feels great to know that for whatever reason that didn’t work out and yet people remember us from that audition and they decided to revive this franchise.

Kit: Would you ever move to Hollywood?

DP: (Chuckles) My friends are here for the premiere tonight and when I get out of my hotel room, there’s a real estate company … and I think that’s a sign, but still it’s not true!

Deepika Padukone on The Ellen DeGeneres Show


On Ellen’s show, she was unstoppable.

Ellen: How is it that even after playing Badminton so well you didn’t follow your father’s footsteps?

DP: Following his footsteps would’ve made him happy but he always said “Follow your heart” and so I did.

Ellen: When did you come to know you’re playing the part in xXx?

DP narrated how she landed in Toronto and then to Vin’s house to see him, and then feel perplexed about “What’s going on because I didn’t know if I got the part, and I still don’t know if I got the part!”

Well, seems like she’s making her humble beginnings … with a bang!

Shah Rukh Khan on The Jonathan Ross Show

His charm, wit and enthusiasm has floored us Indians considering the interviews we get to watch every now and then, but Khan’s wit and humor has taken even British audiences by storm too.


Jonathan Ross: Have Indian movies been all about singing and dancing and some of that action? Is that just about it?

SRK: “Singing and dancing” is everywhere, give us a chance like, I could be doing an operation on a woman and removing an appendix … and I could start singing, then and there.

Audiences hooted, cheered and left absolutely entertained at the show – SRK’s art captures everyone. What more could one ask for!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on The Late Show With David Letterman


Half a decade back, Aishwarya had all the audiences cheering for her for being an Indian, not using a fake American accent and talking about our culture with the utmost respect.

David: Is it common in India that you live with your parents?

Aish: Well yeah, we don’t have to take each other’s appointments for dinner.

David: So how did you get your first job as an actor? Was it like being discovered at 16 or 17 and then you become a big model at 20?

Aish: Yeah, not very different. You tell us how you started doing this show?!

Aishwarya Rai on The Oprah Winfrey Show

26posterOn Oprah Winfrey’s show too, she answered with a lot of grace since the first few questions itself.

Oprah: Are you open to arrange marriage? (Since she was not married then)

Aish: I will cross the bridge when I reach it!

Now we do not wonder why she was considered as the Global Indian back then!

Aish With Abhi on Oprah’s Show


With her second appearance on Oprah’s show just after her wedding, Aishwarya was seen on Oprah’s show with Abhishek Bachhan. Both Ash and Abhi held on to their own like never before and didn’t stop at just making their presence felt as a Bollywood power couple, they had the loudest cheers from everywhere and that, for all the right reasons!

It’s great to know that the number of women who did us proud on these occasions exceeds the number of men, and that should answer most of the hosts’ questions, next time our celebs grace these TV shows!

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