Bollywood Remixes – Love Them Or Hate Them But You Cannot Ignore Them

Some we love, some make us cringe, but we cannot in any way turn a deaf ear to  the rehashed versions of 80s and 90s music that the music creators of our times are coming up with. Take a trip down memory lane with us today while we relive the old and embrace the new (or atleast try to). Presenting, the Bollywood remixes that have completely mangled some golden tunes, for better or for worse.

Humma Humma 


We just had to put this on top of the list because of the sheer outrage it caused. Milennials were little kids when this originally came out but it seemed to have struck the right chords back then. This time round, Badshah added an unnecessary and unbearable rap to this loved childhood melody.  Which is why to OK Jaanu’s  The Hamma Song, we say ‘Nay’!

Kaala Chashma 

Kaala Chashma

Well, this one we got on board with. It gave us something to groove to at weddings, run to at the gym and create dance tutorials on Youtube. We’re still mad about Hamma Hamma, Badshah, but this one makes us want to forgive you – a little bit.

Laila Main Laila 


The one thing that stands out about this remix is that the original had Zeenat Aman dancing around in the sultriest western clothes and Sunny Leone is featured in a lehenga in the modern rendering of it. The song is nothing special except, yeah, IT FEATURES SHAH RUKH KHAN!

Gal Bangayi

Gal Ban Gayi

We couldn’t believe our ears when Neha Kakkar  and the insipid Honey Singh killed this go-to wedding bhangra track. We don’t know about everyone, but we could have survived without this poor rendition of a classic Punjabi wedding song. Shaking our heads ‘no’ vigorously.

Haseeno Ka Deewana – Kaabil

Haseeno Ka Deewana

Is it just us or should ruining a classic Amitabh Bachchan song really be considered blasphemy? An incipient disaster ever since the first look came out, this Urvashi Rautela starring classic-killing track is ‘nay’ all the way.

Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le

Ae Zindagi

It was a touching remake of a melodious track. Alia Bhatt’s confused, relatable character made the song a perfect accessory to the overall feel of the film. Also, in our opinion, Arijit and his voice of an angel could never go wrong.

Aaj Phir Tum Pe Pyaar Aaya Hai 

Aaj Firr

As mentioned before, Arijit can do no wrong when it comes to music. Even though he was tampering with a classic, he delivered a sensual, drenched in love, romance number. Our virtual hat’s off to Arijit.

Maahi Ve 


We disapprove of Wajah Tum Ho as cinema to be honest, and the demise of this original, heartbreaking love track is one of the main reasons why. Zarine disappoints and makes us reminisce the moves of the sensuous Malaika Arora who did complete justice to Maahi Ve in Kaante.

Main Tennu Samjhaawan Ki 


Although this track, originally sung by the legendary Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, has been revamped more than a few times, the one featuring and sung by Alia Bhatt is one that is seriously worth mentioning. Her voice, although heavily auto-tuned, is soothingly sweet and moving. Goosebumps, guys. Every. Single. Time.

Hungama Ho Gaya

Now Hungama was a fun, liberating, drunk-dancing song to begin with but somehow Arijit took it up more than a few notches. The result – We could not stop singing out loud (also dancing in private). Maybe it was the freedom that ‘Queen’ Kangana felt in that moment dancing to that song. We give a loud, screaming ‘yes’ to this remix.

Har Kisi Ko Nahi Milta

Har Kisi Ko

Akshay Kumar. Arijit Singh. Enough Said. <3

Maybe 2017 will give us a few non-copied, non-crappy songs. Bollywood? Are You listening? Please?

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