When you work in the film industry, your body is your money-maker and you have to invest a substantial amount of time working on it to keep it fit and fabulous. Ever wondered how Bollywood celebrities achieve their flawlessly toned bodies? Here is the complete lowdown:

Ranveer Singh

With his quirky sense of style and razor sharp body, Ranveer never fails to mesmerize us.

The Workout

  • He makes it a point to hit the gym twice a day. His workouts are planned by his trainer Lloyd Stevens. These include high intensive training (HIT), cardio and weight training in his workout.
  • He enjoys swimming and running which keeps him energetic at all times.

Celebrity Tips

Keep your water intake high and alcohol consumption low to make workouts more efficient. A happy state of mind is essential to achieve an overall fit body

Hrithik Roshan

The charismatic star has a perfectly chiselled body that makes us drool. He goes all out to transform his body for every film.

The Workout

  • He dedicates five days a week to Crossfit Training (Kettlebell Swings, Power Bag Exercises, Bear Crawls, T-Bar Anchor Swings, Kickboxing and so much more)
  • He trains different muscle groups every day of the week save Wednesday which is his rest day.

Celebrity Tips

The body demands change and it is best to keep updating your workout routine. Never forget to stretch before you start exercising. Getting a sound sleep is of the essence.

Varun Dhawan


A recent addition to our list of temptingly toned actors, Varun has already come out with his own fitness DVD. With his chocolate boy face and bulging biceps, he definitely has us in a trance.

The Workout

  • He indulges in 90 minute workouts, 5 days a week with celebrity trainer Prashant Sawant.
  • He practices martial training, weight lifting and cardio on a regular basis.
  • He loves to dance in order to keep his body active and flexible.

 Celebrity Tips

Being fit isn’t just about having big muscles. It includes having a flexible, healthy body. Inculcate activities like swimming and dancing to achieve a lithe body.

Parineeti Chopra

Who hasn’t heard the story of this curvy diva’s transformation from buxom to oh-so-slender? She completely altered her lifestyle to become as ravishing as she is now.

The Workout

  • Even with her hatred for working out, Parineeti started with intense and regular workouts.
  • She includes activities like Yoga, running, horse-riding and dancing to keep her workouts fun.cdb7d2eb8eb8a8c4d22cc75b709b3616
  • She practises meditation for 15-20 minutes every day in order to combat stress and achieve inner peace.
  • She trains in Kalaripayattu which is a martial art practised in

Celebrity Tips
Losing weight and being fit is a matter of self-motivation. When the resolve is in place, goals will be easy to achieve. Drink a lot of water. Get out of your comfort zone and embrace those gruelling workouts that will never fail you.

Alia Bhatt

The formerly chubby girl achieved a perfect hourglass figure with determination and perseverance. She lost a whopping 35 pounds before her debut in Student Of The Year.

Alia-Bhatt-Weight-LossThe Workout

  • She hits a gym 3-4 times a day. Her routine includes kickboxing, dancing, cycling and swimming.
  • Apart from regular exercises, she loves to practise ballet which keeps her flexible.
  • For a perfectly sculpted body, Alia swears by Yoga and practices it regularly.Alia-Bhatt-in-Gym

Celebrity Tips

Fit is the new sexy. You do not need washboard abs or a size zero figure. Instead of harsh gym workouts, go for cardio and healthy eating in order to achieve a healthy body naturally. Doing away with stress is of the utmost importance.

Sonam Kapoor

Her drop-dead-gorgeous looks make us fall in love every time she graces our screens with her presence. The fashion diva also flaunts a perfect body that was achieved with a lot of grit and hard work.

Sonam-Kapoor-Weight-LossThe Workout

  • She incorporates a lot of physical activities such as jogging, swimming and playing squash in her every day routine.
  • Apart from that, she practises a balanced workout of cardio and weight training.maxresdefault (1)
  • A lot of her weight loss has been attributed to Pilates, which she practises 3 times a week with trainer Radhika Karle.

Celebrity Tips

Never let yourself go hungry for long periods of times. Keep healthy snacks by your side. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to keep energy levels high.

If they can do it, you can too! Follow in your favourite celebrity’s footsteps and become the healthier, fitter version of yourself that you deserve to be. 

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