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Who doesn’t love to spend their time watching movies and theatre? It is the best way not only to see some enriching and exciting works of art but also a light way of relaxing. Keeping this in mind, BookMyShow was created and established in India. With Bigtree Entertainment Private Limited as its founding body, BookMyShow functions as an online portal to book tickets for movies, plays and matches.

Making very positive use of technology, BookMyShow is a platform that prevents you from standing in queues and missing out chances of watching the best of the movies. Now you can simply book your shows in advance from your computers and mobile phones by just a few clicks. Recently BookMyShow has introduced the new BookMyShow Movie Mode to enhance the user’s experience for purchasing their BookMyShow tickets.

The design team of BookMyShow simply thought of one objective, that was looking after the ‘delight’ of the customers. The BookMyShow Movie Mode takes you on a journey of watching a movie in three simple steps – Decide a movie, Book the movie, Watch the Movie.

The Movie Mode appears as a band 24 hours before the movie showcasing a timeline of the things you will undertake before the movie begins. Here are the services that one will find in the BookMyShow Movie Mode –

1. Before You Go

his feature shows different modes of transport on the screen according to the number of tickets being booked. It is a classic feature of BookMyShow. People can also invite people through this feature.


2. Head to the Theatre

The Movie Mode helps individuals to reach the Theatre or Multiplex on time. The best part? Don’t worry if you are going to a new movie theatre. You can simply understand the route for the venue by directly launching the Google maps from the BookMyShow Movie Mode.


3. QR Code Scanning

Forget the need for physical tickets; you can now simply get the QR Code for your movie tickets scanned before entering the theatre. The QR codes in the movie mode are bigger, which allows easy scanning of the code.


4. Your seats

While entering the auditorium, you can simply use this card and spot the seat you have booked. The card clearly shows where your seats are and what are the seat numbers. Thus, no more need to search for your seat numbers on the movie tickets.


5. Dark Mode

Get full marks for theatre etiquettes with the dark mode. Use the dark mode to operate your mobile phone inside the movie hall instead of flashing the brightness of your phone, which often causes annoyance to the people around. It also protects your eyes from extremely bright light.


6. Rate and Review

After watching a movie, leave your opinion about the movie in the review section and rate it according to your choice on the rating slider.

Besides these features one can also pre-order food, get to the approximate interval timings and win free coupons in the BookMyShow Movie Mode. You can also get huge discounts and cashback on your tickets by using the BookMyShow coupons from CashKaro. It allows you to get guaranteed cashbacks in the wallet and helps save a good amount of money.

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