Online card games have become a good source of entertainment. The online card gaming industry is now abuzz with many games such as Poker and Rummy which lead the pack. The internet has served as a catalyst in making card games more popular among the masses. Today, many online formats of games such as rummy have created a new pool of card game enthusiasts who not only look at these games as a form of entertainment but also look upon them as a form of investment.

Here is a list of some popular card games.

1. Rummy

Rummy is a popular card game. This game has more than twenty variations. Indian rummy is the most popular of the lot given its formats like free games or cash rummy.

The proliferation of digital media and internet has led to a boom in online rummy portals that offer the best gaming experience, simple user interface as well as fair gaming ambience for the players.

The 13-card game of Indian Rummy is a multiplayer game involving 2 to 6 players. The players need to meld all the cards in their hands to form sets and sequences along the game. You can also learn how to play online 13-card rummy game for cash through our guide.

Users can log on to sites like Classic Rummy and Adda52 Rummy to play the different variations of Rummy. Get good deals and discounts by using Adda52 Rummy new user offers and Classic Rummy new user offers. You can also go through this list of websites to play rummy online.

2. Poker

Poker is another well-known card game. Poker employs a plethora of skill sets such as cognitive abilities, strategy and gambling skills. Betting is at the core of Poker. Due to the emergence of online poker games, poker players can now indulge in the game from their homes. Poker has become huge today given the live streaming of world tournaments and other poker events of international scale. You can also learn to play by reading our Beginner’s Guide to playing Poker.

Many online card gaming sites have now proliferated which have made playing Poker even more entertaining. One such site is that of The site offers a remarkable gaming experience in online poker as well as other card games. The site offers some outstanding features such as fast cashouts, ease of transactions, certified international standard software and more.

Enjoy a game of poker by using Pokerbaazi new user offers. You can play Poker online on some Indian Poker Sites. Feel like brushing up your knowledge of Poker rules? Go through our guide for a quick view!

3. Teen Patti

This three-card game is a simplified version of poker and is played a lot in the Indian subcontinent. Gambling is at the core of this game. Luck plays a significant role in this skill-based game.

Indian gaming companies like Ace2Three are bridging the gap between traditional Indian teen patti game and the online gaming industry. Users can now enjoy teen patti online using Ace2Three discounts today.

4. Solitaire

Solitaire is a popular card game that can be played by a single player. Sorting of cards is done in Solitaire. People using desktops are more familiar with the game as it was one of the preloaded games in the software. Today, many exciting versions of Solitaire have come in the market with new features.

Junglee Rummy is one such online card gaming site where you can play a perfect game of solitaire. Also, play solitaire using Junglee Rummy Discounts Today.

5. Gin Rummy

Gin rummy is a faster variation of the basic rummy. This quick-fire game comes without the complications of melding displays and card layoffs between turns. The game is played with ten cards which need to be formed into sets.

The Spartan Poker is an online Indian gaming website that offers cash games and tournaments. Get good deals on Gin Rummy by using the Spartan poker offers.

6. Spades

This game originated in the US and can be played in a partnership or single player. The objective is to take minimum number of tricks also referred to as books that were put up for bid before play begins.

Rummycircle is an online card game playing portal.  Play spades as well as other card games at discounted prices on Rummycircle.

7. Points Rummy

This game is a variation of the basic rummy game. It is a 2-6 player game that is played with 2 or more packs of 53 cards each. Players compete for points which have been assigned rupee value. Each player is expected to get a minimum amount onto the table. A set of 13 cards are to be dealt by each player.

RummyCentral is an online rummy site backed by Grid Logic Games Private Limited. Play free as well as cash games on the impressive user-friendly interface of the site.

8. Pool Rummy

This is the most widely played variant of online rummy. It is played between 2-6 players. This arrangement is also known as ‘Syndicate’. The objective is to achieve the lowest score in each game. Pool rummy further is divided into

  • 101 points
  • 201 points
  • Best of 3

Classic Rummy is an online portal backed by Vindhya Infotech Pvt Ltd. The company’s core team has vast experience in the gaming, marketing, and technology arenas.

Enjoy a game of Pool Rummy at discounted prices using Classic Rummy Offers

9. Hearts

Hearts is a type of card game that involves the concept of evasion. The game is played by four players. However, variations can involve 3-6 players. The objective of the game is to be left with least number of points at the end of the game. Each player is dealt with 13 cards.

10. Bridge

Contract bridge aka bridge is another popular card game across the globe. This game is more popular among the older generations. The game involves 4 players in groups of two. With the proliferation of online bridge and many international level tournaments, bridge is seeing a surge in popularity across the world.

11. BlackJack

Blackjack aka 21 is a card game played usually with many players and a dealer. In this game, the players do not compete against each other but compete with the dealer. This widely known casino banking game is played with one or more decks comprising of 52 cards. This card game originated in French casinos and became popular across the world.

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