What is Brahma Rasayana?

  • Brahma Rasayana is a natural herbal product
  • It aids natural rejuvenation
  • It is said that this natural recipe was prescribed by Lord Brahma Himself
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Brahma Rasayana Price

Specifics Brahma Rasayana Price
Sri Sri Tattva Brahma Rasayana – 250 g Rs 115
Dabur Brahm Rasayan – 250 g Rs 171

Benefits and Uses of Brahma Rasayana

  1. Fights fatigue and tiredness
  2. Reduces the growth of early grey hair
  3. Prevents wrinkles and hair loss
  4. Improves intelligence, immunity and memory
  5. It helps in relieving stress
  6. It rejuvenates kidneys and bladder
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How to Consume Brahma Rasayana

Take 10 grams of Brahma Rasayana powder along with a half glass of lukewarm milk or water. This should be consumed about half an hour before breakfast.

 Side Effects of Brahma Rasayana

  1. No known major side effects
  2. Avoid if you’re diabetic
  3. Small doses of about 5 g may be given to children
  4. If pregnant, consult your doctor about consumption
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