Brahmi Oil Benefits, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Price

What is Brahmi Oil?

Brahmi is an important ayurvedic herb that is used in the treatment of many health problems, to get fair glowing skin and long thick hair besides its other benefits. Brahmi oil is made by amalgamating and slowly heating extracts of Bacopa monnieri or Centella Asiatica with carrier oils like coconut or sesame oil. Alternatively, it is also made using the distillation process where Bacopa monnieri leaves are distilled to obtain concentrated essential oils.

Benefits of Brahmi Oil

Whether it is made by distillation or amalgamation, Brahmi oil poses healing and therapeutic properties in both cases. Here are some of the benefits of Brahmi oil for the skin, hair and overall health.

1. Benefits of Brahmi Oil for Hair

Brahmi is an important Ayurvedic herb for the hair. Regular massage of Brahmi oil on the scalp promotes hair growth, controls hair fall and rids the scalp of infections and diseases.

1.1. Reduces Hair Fall

Diluted Brahmi oil is made using a base of carrier oil like coconut or sesame. As a result, Brahmi oil intensifies the goodness of the Brahmi herb as well as the healing properties of the carrier oils. Brahmi oil is therefore an effective remedy to treat fast falling hair. It controls hair loss, strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair brittleness and breakage.

1.2 Reduces Scalp Itchiness and Dandruff

An unclean scalp can lead to infections caused by fungus like Malasezzia. It results in dry flaky skin and dandruff. Regular application of Brahmi oil improves blood circulation in the scalp, keeps it healthy, cool and clean and prevents scalp itch and dandruff.

1.3 Promotes Hair Growth

Brahmi is a very beneficial herb in promoting hair growth. Regular application of Brahmi oil on the scalp and hair makes it healthy and strong. Brahmi oil smoothens out the hair cuticles making the hair strands softer and manageable. It also boosts the growth of dormant hair follicles.

2. Health Benefits of Brahmi Oil

2.1 Treats Mouth Ulcer

Brahmi oil that is made from Bacopa monnieri is beneficial in treating mouth ulcers. Brahmi oil has anti inflammatory and skin soothing properties. When applied on mouth ulcers, Brahmi oil can reduce the inflammation and sting of the ulcers.

2.2 Cures Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Brahmi oil is an effective ayurvedic formulation to cure stress, anxiety and panic attacks which can lead to insomnia and sleep pattern disturbances. When Brahmi oil is applied on the scalp, forehead or temples, it helps a person get sound undisturbed sleep.

2.3 Treats Joint Pain

Brahmi oil is effective in allaying joint pain, headaches, back pain, muscular strain and spasms. Brahmi oil’s anti inflammatory and analgesic properties help in alleviating pain and cramps almost immediately.

2.4 Treats Abdominal Pain and Relieves Gas

Gas build up in the gastrointestinal tract is painful and discomforting. When Brahmi oil is massaged on the abdomen, it helps relieve the gas build up and eases the pain or muscle cramping in the abdomen.

2.5 Reduces Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Elevated levels of stress, anxiety and tension can lead to many health issues like irregular blood pressure, panic attacks, headaches etc. Brahmi oil is a potent cure for reducing stress, anxiety and tension and allaying panic attacks. Brahmi oil’s therapeutic properties help ease the pain caused by stress and anxiety.

3. Benefits of Brahmi Oil for Skin

Brahmi is one of the best oils for the skin as it possesses cooling and emollient properties.

3.1 Promotes a Fair and Glowing skin

Brahmi is a herb that helps in ridding the body of toxin build up. Likewise, Brahmi oil is rich in antioxidants that make the skin elastic, supple and soft. Regular application of the oil also gives one a glowing and fair complexion while additionally protecting the skin from eczema, psoriasis and skin infections.

Uses of Brahmi oil

Brahmi oil is a powerful herbal oil that can treat myriad of diseases. There are also some lesser known benefits about Brahmi oil that we have discussed below:

1. Controls Epilepsy and Seizures

Brahmi oil has anti epileptic properties and has for a long time being used as a cure in epilepsy. Regular use of Brahmi oil controls epileptic fits and seizures that are accompanied by loss of consciousness and staring spell.

2. Reduces Fever

Brahmi oil’s antipyretic properties make it an effective remedy in treating fever and related maladies. Brahmi oil has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin and reduces the body temperature in almost no time.

3. Increases Concentration and Memory

When applied on the hair, Brahmi oil is readily absorbed by the scalp and helps in protein synthesis in the brain. It promotes cell growth in the brain and allows for new neuron connections. This strengthens the memory and concentration areas of the brain helping one to build and retain memories longer.

How to Use Brahmi Oil

Brahmi oil can be applied on the skin and hair and provide many health benefits.

Can it be applied on the hair everyday?

Frequent application of any hair oil on the scalp can clog the pores in the scalp leaving room for fungal infections, hair loss and receding hairline. It is advisable to apply Brahmi hair oil twice or thrice weekly.

Can Brahmi oil prevent grey hair?

Yes, Brahmi oil can effectively prevent premature greying of the hair. Mix it with jojoba or hibiscus or amla, bhringraj and shikakai oil for best results

Can Brahmi oil be directly applied on skin or hair?

If you are using Brahmi oil, then you can directly apply it to the scalp, hair or skin. However, if you are using Brahmi essential oil, it is advisable to dilute the oil with a carrier oil before application.

Brahmi Oil : Dosage

Adults: Adults can apply or use Brahmi oil on affected areas as per their need or as directed by the physician.

Children (2 to 10 years): consult a pediatrician if you want to apply Brahmi oil on young children.

Application of Brahmi Oil

  • Brahmi essential oil: add a few drops of Brahmi essential oil in the diffuser or vaporizer so that it can vaporize. You can inhale the Brahmi essential oil to ease stress, anxiety and to promote sleep.
  • Brahmi oil: Apply some amount of Brahmi oil on the affected area to ease out the pain or promote blood circulation.

Side Effects of Brahmi Oil:

The side effects of Brahmi oil are almost negligible. And the ones that do exist are more precautionary than side effects. However, here are a few things to keep in mind before using Brahmi oil.

  1. Should not be ingested: Brahmi oil and Brahmi essential oils are not safe for direct ingestion. Ingestion of Brahmi oil can lead to serious medical problems like vomiting, nausea etc and can prove fatal in some cases. However, you can add Brahmi supplements in your everyday food chart after consulting a physician.
  2. Interaction with medicines: Brahmi oil is not meant for ingestion. Brahmi oil’s interaction with other medications formulated for the skin or hair remains unknown. If you are on medications for the hair or skin then consult your physician before bringing Brahmi oil in use.
  3. Pregnancy and lactation: Brahmi oil’s effect on pregnancy and lactation remains vague and unclear. Hence pregnant and lactating mothers are advised to steer clear of Brahmi oil for their health.

Precautions and Warnings of Brahmi Oil

  1. At what time of the day should I use Brahmi oil?

Brahmi oil can be safely used or applied at any time of the day.

  1. Can I mix Brahmi oil with olive or almond oil?

Yes, Brahmi oil can be mixed with olive oil or almond oil safely. All three oils boost hair growth and makes the hair strands soft and manageable.

  1. Can it make you drowsy?

Brahmi oil has mildly sedative properties, which can induce a sound and undisturbed sleep.

17 Important Questions Asked About Brahmi Oil

What is Brahmi oil made of?

Brahmi oil is made by blending Bacopa monnieri or Centella Asiatica in a base oil which is usually coconut or sesame. It is also made using the distillation of Bacopa monnieri which makes the oil stronger and richer.

What are its storage requirements?

You can store Brahmi oil in airtight bottles away from direct heat or sunlight and away from places where they can spill.

How long do I need to use Brahmi oil till I see improvement in my condition?

Like all herbal oils, the effects of Brahmi oil can take somewhere between a few weeks to months depending on the purpose to show visible effects.

How many times a day do I need to use Brahmi oil?

Brahmi oil can be safely used one to two times for massaging everyday. An ayurvedic practitioner or a physician can help you decide the frequency of application or usage depending upon the ailment or purpose of use.

Does it have any effect on breastfeeding?

The application of Brahmi oil does not affect breastfeeding.

Is it safe for kids?

Yes, Brahmi oil does not have any adverse health impact on children and hence can be added to a diffuser safely. However, for direct application, it is advisable to consult a paediatrician.

Does it have any effect on pregnancy?

Extensive research has not been done on the effects of the consumption of Brahmi oil supplements on pregnant women hence it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner for advice. Brahmi oil does not pose any serious health risks on application.

Does it contain sugar?

No, Brahmi oil does not contain sugar.

Can Brahmi oil be used for anxiety?

Yes, Brahmi oil can effectively cure anxiety, stress, tension and panic attacks by soothing and relaxing the body.

Is Brahmi good for depression?

Depression can be caused by anxiety, stress or tension. Brahmi oil can reduce stress, tension, panic and depression. It can also cure sleep disorders that often accompany depression.

Does Brahmi oil boost hair growth?

Yes, Brahmi oil is an excellent product in boosting hair growth. It nourishes the scalp and the hair, improves blood circulation, gets readily absorbed by the scalp and also stimulates dormant hair follicles for growth.

Can Brahmi improve memory?

Yes, Brahmi can improve memory and concentration. Brahmi has been known to improve the cognitive functioning of the brain. It aids in protein synthesis in the brain and makes new neural connections in the memory and concentration parts of the brain.

Can Brahmi Amla oil prevent and heal premature greying of hair?

Yes, Brahmi Amla oil is very helpful in preventing premature greying of hair and blackening the grey strands with its use over time.

Is it safe to mix Almond oil, Olive oil and Brahmi Amla hair oil?

Yes, it is safe to mix Almond oil, Olive oil and Brahmi Amla hair oil as all the three ingredients are known to help in hair growth, maintain a healthy scalp, prevent premature greying of hair and treat split ends.

Which is the best treatment for hair fall in Ayurveda?

An ayurvedic treatment ‘Kesa Soundarya’ practiced at Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital at Kerala is one of the best treatments for hair fall. Apart from this, one can also use natural home remedies like Brahmi, Amla, Bringraj, Shikakai, Hibiscus, Rosemary, Coconut oil and Reetha to prevent hair loss.

Which is the best oil for blackening your hair?

Any hair oil containing ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Brahmi, Bhringa and/or Hibiscus is good for blackening the hair.

Are there any Ayurvedic techniques to treat stammering?

Yes, there are a few Ayurvedic techniques to treat stammering. You can opt for Licorice root or a combination of Brahmi oil and Vacha in small doses. Always consult your doctor before incorporating any medicine in your daily routine.

Buyer’s Guide- Price and Where to Buy Brahmi Oil

Deve Herbes Brahmi Oil (100 ml)

Deve Herbes Brahmi Oil

Best Price:

Rs. 599

Metherb Bacopa Monnieri Brahmi Oil (15 ml)

Metherb Bacopa Monnieri Brahmi Oil

Best Price:

Rs. 185

Brahmi Oil Price in India

SpecificsBrahmi Oil Price
Vadik Herbs Brahmi Oil – 237 mlRs 2899
Allin Exporters Brahmi Oil – 15 mlRs 234
Deve Herbes Pure Brahmi Oil (Bacopa monnieri) – 50 mlRs 399
Ramtirth Brahmi Hair Oil – 300 mlRs 350

Where To Buy Brahmi Oil

Popular Brands that Sell Brahmi Oil

  • Baidyanath
  • Indulekha
  • Saptagiri
  • Deve Herbes

Research on Brahmi Oil

A research article published by R. Prasad on the pharmacological aspect of Bacopa monnieri in different forms showed that Brahmi Taila (oil) has flavonoids, bacosides and saponins that make it an effective antipyretic, antiepileptic and an anti-inflammatory drug and it can also act as a cardiotonic, memory enhancing drug. Brahmi oil, derived from the medicinal plant brahmi or Bacopa Mannieri is primarily used to treat anxiety. It is most commonly massaged on the head to relieve symptoms of acute stress. It also also known to increase intelligence and cognition. Read on to find out other uses and benefits of Brahmi Oil.

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