On the 68th Republic Day of India, CashKaro.com reached out to entrepreneurs, people who are contributing towards a prosperous and economically sound country, to share their opinion regarding the most significant fundamental rights.

While talking about building a strong economy, they also had some personal entrepreneurial pledges to take. Here’s what they had to say:

Ankur Warikoo, Founder & CEO, Nearbuy

The Most Important Fundamental Right

  1. Right to equality
  2. Right to freedom – because this right guarantees everything else. 
  3. Right against exploitation
  4. Right to freedom of religion
  5. Cultural and Educational rights
  6. Right to Constitutional Remedies

His Pledge


Swati Bhargava, Co-Founder, CashKaro

The Most Important Fundamental Right

Each right has its own importance though I believe the Right to Freedom encompasses it all. We need to feel free to make our decisions, exercise our choices, practice our religion and pursue our passion. With the right to freedom, also comes the responsibility to respect others’ freedom – that we live, and let live.

Her Pledge


Tinu Cherian, Social Media Evangelist & Blogger

The Most Important Fundamental Right

Right to freedom – because that is what a free and democratic country is all about.

His Pledge

Nidhi Agarwal, Founder & CEO, KAARYAH

The Most Important Fundamental Right

An intelligent mind must be granted wings of its own – to that end I believe “Right to Freedom” is of utmost importance. Should someone be shackle free they would automatically strive for the best for themselves & therefore the community collectively, unmitigated.

Right to freedom may as well represent itself as the ability of a woman to roam the streets freely at any time of the day unthreatened, her ability to pursue her passion and see it through to reality.

Her Pledge


Rohan Bhargava, Co-Founder, CashKaro

The Most Important Fundamental Right

As citizens of the country, we all have equal rights according to the constitution. It will be great for each of us if we accept and practice the Right to equality.

His Pledge


Aditi Avasthi, Founder & CEO, EMBIBE

The Most Important Fundamental Right

Right to freedom which supersedes a lot of other rights. This may not be the strictest constitutional interpretation. But it signals our right to lead our lives the way we want to. I would add another right to the list which goes hand in hand with this one – the right to respect. Irrespective of your choices.

Her Pledge


What would you pledge for the better future of your country?

Happy Republic Day from CashKaro.com!

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