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Between deciding your outfit for fresher’s party, giving your wardrobe a full makeover and picking up some last minute necessities for your hostel life, the last thing you want to stress about is navigating the overwhelming drugstore makeup aisles. But don’t worry because we’ve got your back.

budget makeup kit for college girls under Rs 3000

Shopping for makeup as a beginner can be quite intimidating. This is why we have compiled an amazing “starter make-up kit” which will cover all your makeup basics. Here are the products you need to put in your makeup kit:

BB cream

The heavy feel of foundation can be a total turn-off for beginners. This is why we suggest that you use a BB cream instead. It offers a light-medium coverage and has a lightweight texture. Your skin will look smooth and polished.

CashKaro recommends: Ponds BB Cream

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Ponds BB cream offers a medium coverage which means acne scars can be covered to a very good extent. It has a satin finish and lasts for long. Also, it offers Advanced Superior Sunscreen Protection of SPF 30 PA++.

Bonus tip: For the most natural finish, use a sponge like Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge. No one will know you’re wearing a base!


Powder is a must-have to set your makeup and prevent it from transferring. Since you will always be on the go, it’s best to opt for a pressed powder as compared to loose powder.

CashKaro recommends: L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique All-In-One Pressed Powder

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The texture is silky which makes it good for all skin types. It gives a matte finish and is available in 5 shades.

Bonus tip: To avoid cakey makeup, always pat the sponge on your face and never rub it. Rubbing will not just emphasize dryness on your face but will also move bb cream.

Oil blotting sheets

When it is 50 degrees in the summer, your face is bound to become a hot mess. This is when oil blotting sheets come in handy. Take out a sheet and pat it on your face. You will be surprised to see the mattifying effect on your face.

CashKaro recommends: Oriflame Optimals Oxygen Boost Face Blotting Tissues

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They do their job quite well. You can get them for less than the cost of a meal you have at Dominos.

Bonus tip: Before doing up a touch-up with compact, blot your face using them first. This approach is hygienic and also makes sense.


Given the fact that most of the Indian girls are obsessed with kajals, this might be one product already existing in your vanity. It is one essential which can help you define your eye shape.

CashKaro recommends: Lakme eyeconic kajal

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Lakme eyeconic kajal has a soft texture and glides easily on the waterline. The shade is deep Black. It lasts for long hours.

Bonus tip: Opt for a colored kajal to break the monotony of your everyday makeup routine.


Women with small eyes should give kajal a miss and use eyeliner. It will make small eyes look bigger.

CashKaro recommends: Maybelline new lasting drama gel eyeliner

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The texture is creamy but it sets to a smudge-proof finish. Plus, it’s intense black!

Bonus tip: Wing you eyeliner and you are ready to go from a day to night look. Learn how to in this winged eyeliner youtube tutorial.


Don’t reserve blush just for special events. You will be surprised to see how much life it adds to your face.

CashKaro recommends: Maybelline cheeky glow blush

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Given the price it comes at, it’s a steal. The blush blends in easily and comes in three different shades. Take your pick!

Bonus tip: Determine your face shape to learn how to apply blush in a flattering manner. Follow this easy face shape test to find out what face shape you have.

Brushes kit

You don’t need an army of makeup brushes by your side. Basic ones would do.

CashKaro recommends: Pro makeup brushes kit

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This basic brushes kit contains four quality brushes: Blush brush, powder brush, concealer brush (which can also be used to blend BB cream on your under eye area) and eyeshadow brush.

Bonus tip: To avoid breakouts on your face, give your brushes a weekly bath.

Eyebrow pencil

There’s a reason why Deepika Padukone’s eyebrows are goals! Shaped and properly filled-in eyebrows make a huge difference in framing the face. Do not underestimate their power.

CashKaro recommends: Maybelline fashion brow duo shaper

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The eyebrow pencil has low pigmentation. This means there are little chances of beginners going overboard with it. It comes in two shades i.e. Grey and Brown. Grey is actually a light black shade ideal for those with dark eyebrows. Brown is perfect for those who have light brows. Also, it doesn’t smudge.

Bonus tip: Give your eyes a lift by adding a touch of highlighter right beneath your eyebrow under your arch.


Summer beauty doesn’t get much easier than this. A few coats of mascara are enough to help you look more wakeful.

CashKaro recommends: Maybelline Volum Express Colossal Waterproof Mascara

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It’s double duty mascara. It adds volume as well as length to lashes. And it is waterproof! This is the best affordable mascara out there.

Bonus tip: If the formula of your mascara has turned a little clumpy, put your mascara tube in a cup of hot water for a minute. Just remember, you are supposed to discard mascara every four months.

Tinted lip balm

Stay chic in the heat by adding color on your lips with a tinted lip balm. Just make sure to reapply after the tint has worn down.

CashKaro recommends: Lakme lip love lip care balm “Cherry”

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It moisturizes and adds a beautiful rosy tint to your lips. It also has SPF 15!

Bonus tip: To get super soft lips, put some lip balm on your lips and add sugar. Gently exfoliate to remove dead cells.

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