We’ve all been children before. We all know the struggles of concentrating on our textbooks exactly when our favourite cartoons are on TV. This is why having a separate study room is always a good idea. It will give children the opportunity and space needed to concentrate and focus on their books.

If you don’t know what essentials MUST go in a study room, then read this blog. Here are the best study room furniture from Pepperfry.

Study Table

This is a must. It is never a good idea to study from your bed or in a very casual position. This will eventually lead to you losing concentration and productivity. Buy the perfect study table that will suit your needs using Pepperfry coupons.

What to buy: Roller Coaster Study Table in Yellow by Boingg!

Study Chairs

Now, this is quite a tricky thing to buy. You need your study chairs to be comfortable to sit on for elongated periods of time. However, it shouldn’t be so comfortable that people fall asleep on it. Find the perfect median only on Pepperfry.

What to buy: iStudy Chair by Alex Daisy

Pin / White Board

It is always a good idea to have that day’s itinerary up for everyone to see. The perfect place to display this would be a whiteboard. This will ensure that nothing is left off the to-do list and your kid gets everything done for the day. The Pin Board could also be used to display achievements or such. Use Pepperfry coupons to buy yours now!

What to buy: Hand-painted Writing Board by IVEI

Activity Table

Schools love to send your children home with a chart or craftwork. For this, it’s a good idea to have an activity table. This will confine the unavoidable mess to the table and make cleanup much easier. It is also more comfortable for your kid to have a proper workspace for their projects. Use Pepperfry coupon codes to buy one now!

What to buy: Boomerang Storage Play Table by Boingg!

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