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India is a wonderful country. We have gifted so much to the world. Our diversity has allowed us to create tasty and nutritious snacks. However, western snacks currently dominate the market. There is however one company that is changing that. Sattviko has created unique snacks that are a perfect blend of Indian tradition and modern taste. Check out these mouth-watering snacks that you should definitely try.


Makhanas are a popular Indian snack traditionally prepared during Navatri (festival) celebrations. However, these flavored Makhane will make you reach for them every time your stomach asks for food.

  • Pudina Makhane – Magic happens when salty Makhane meet the sweetness of Pudina
  • Herb & Cheese Makhane – Almost anything tastes better with cheese. Then why should Makhane be any different? Well, they aren’t and these Cheese and Herb Makhane taste unbelievably good
  • Peri Peri Makhane – We have all tried and Peri Peri fries. Trust us when we say this; you will love Peri Peri Makhane even more

Khakhra Chips

This traditional Gujrati snack is fantastic. Who thought even something as great as Khakhra could be improved? Well, as it turns out, Sattviko did just that. Check out these amazing Khakhra flavors:

  • Jeera Khakhra – Do try this Khakhra flavor that has a delightful twist to it
  • Methi Khakhra – This flavor is not only tasty but extremely healthy
  • Pizza Khakhra – As unrealistic as it may sound, Sattviko has  pizza flavored Khakhra that lets your tongue enjoy delicious pizza without the added calories

Other Tasty Snacks By Sattviko

Paan Raisins

Doesn’t this sound fantastic? Well we can assure you that it tastes just fabulous. This healthy snack is perfect to keep your mouth fresh.

Salsa Almonds

Mexicans and Indians are not very different. We all like spicy food. While Indians have Chutney, the Mexicans have Salsa. And we all just love salsa! Now you can enjoy all the benefits of almonds while your brain thinks its eating delicious salsa.

Buying These Awesome Snacks

You can buy all these snacks from the Sattviko website itself. They have a wide variety of different healthy snacks that do justice to their moto ‘taste & Tradition’. You can also shop through CashKaro and avail great discounts and even earn awesome Cashback.

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