Know everything you need to know about Air Conditioners before making a purchase decision. Here’s the Ultimate Air Conditioner Buying Guide.

AC Types

1. Window Air Conditioners:


Window Air Conditioners are suitable for usage in a single room with not more than 1 window. They do not take much space and are comparatively cheaper than Split ACs. The capacity ranges from 0.75 ton to 2 ton. Window ACs come with inbuilt dust filters to remove small dust particles.

Top Brands:

Blue Star AC Price List

Carrier AC Price List

2. Portable Air Conditioners:


Portable Air Conditioners are ideal for rooms without windows. They are easier to set up but take up more space than Window ACs. Portable Air Conditioners are also costlier and use more energy than Window Air Conditioners.

Top Brands:

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3. Split Air Conditioners:


Split Air Conditioners are ideal for medium and large rooms. They come with an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The capacity ranges from 0.75 ton to 3 ton. Split ACs cause less noise, have various temperature controls, and come with many pre-installed functions like dust filter, bacteria filter, auto-clean, and dehumidification.

Top Brands:

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4. Inverter Split Air Conditioners:


Inverter Split Air Conditioners are ideal for large rooms and outdoor spaces. They are more expensive than Split ACs but consume far less power while maximizing cooling. Capacity ranges from 1 ton to 3 ton. Inverter ACs cause less noise while maintaining a constant room temperature.

Top Brands:

Daikin AC Price List:

Read more about different Types of Air Conditioners in detail.

AC Capacity

It can be tough to choose the right air conditioner for you. If you buy an AC with a larger capacity than required, it will cool faster but consume more power as well. Whereas, if you go for a smaller capacity, your running costs will run high as it will take longer to cool. Pick a suitable AC depending upon the following factors:

  1. The size of the room depending upon the length, width and height.
  2. The type of room like living room, bedroom or outdoor room.
  3. The Number of windows present in the room with Cooling Mirrors or Shadings and type of curtains on the windows.
  4. Installation type like floor, ceiling and walls.
  5. Direction of Installation like East, West, North and South.
  6. Depends on which floor you are located.
Room SizeCapacityWindow AC CostSplit AC CostInverter AC Cost
Below 80 Sq. ft. (9×10 ft.)0.75 Ton15k to 22k21k to 28k
Up to 110 Sq. ft. (10×11 ft.)1 Ton20k to 27k22k to 29k25k to 33k
Up to 180 Sq. ft. (10×15 ft.)1.5 ton24k to 35k24k to 40k29k to 45k
Up to 210 Sq. ft. (10×20 ft.)2 Ton30k to 42k32k to 55k40k to 70k

AC Energy Rating

It basically calculates with the help of BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) rating which ranges from 1 to 5 Star. A 5 Star rating will have higher cooling efficiency and less power consumption.

Star RatingUnits Per DayCost Per DayCost Per YearCost for 5 Years
1 Star16Rs 160Rs 58400Rs 292000
2 Star14Rs 140Rs 51100Rs 255500
3 Star13Rs 130Rs 47450Rs 237250
4 Star12Rs 120Rs 43800Rs 219000
5 Star11Rs 110Rs 40150Rs 200750

Note: Assuming unit cost @ Rs 10.00

Depending upon the type of Air Conditioner we can see the amount of savings within a span of 1 year.

TypePrice on Avg (1.5 Ton AC)Units Per DayCost Per DayCost Per YearCost for 5 Years
Window ACRs 2800016Rs 160Rs 58400Rs 292000
Split ACRs 3500014Rs 140Rs 51100Rs 255500
Inverter ACRs 4000012Rs 120Rs 43800Rs 219000

Note: Assuming unit cost @ Rs 10.00

AC Features and Functions

Below are the most important features for a normal Air Conditioner to increase the rate of cooling and life span of compressor.

Dust Filter:

It helps in sending the clean air by removing heavy smoke dust particles which are very small and minute. This helps in breathing fresh air.


It is useful during humid weather like rainy and spring season and keeps you cool.

Anti-Bacteria Filter:

With the help of Outdoor unit, the bacteria particles like heavy dust particles, animal hair and pollen which are very small are filtered. This helps collect all these kinds of particles and makes the appliance span longer.

Cooling and Heating:

With the help of this feature, we can turn back to hotter conditions during winter and cooler conditions during summer.

Auto Clean Function:

This function helps in preventing the growth of organisms by keeping moisture away from inside the compressor, which helps in better cooling and increases the lifespan of the compressor.

Sleep Mode:

During night time, we can set the timing for a certain temperature, it automatically shuts down the power when the minimum temperature is achieved. It helps decrease electricity bills.


AC condenser uses 2 different types of coils (copper and aluminium). Copper coils help in getting the cooling done faster and also have a longer lifespan. Whereas Aluminium coils are cheaper and more durable which takes more amount of energy with lesser lifespan.


A touchpad or Remote Control with LED lights will be highly suggested which can be helpful during night time for easier temperature controls and sleep mode settings.

Airflow Vents:

Make sure your AC comes with Dual Airflow vents like up and down; left to right. This helps you keep your room cooler in all directions.

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