That time of the year for which you were waiting for a very long time is finally here. Everything about winter is worth loving except the fact that you have to combat dry skin, cover yourself with layers, and look out ways to avoid the cold.

The sales of room heater shoot up in winter season. There are multiple types of room heaters available in the market. Before you buy one for your room, it is important to consider some aspects. They are:

Radiant Heating


As the name proposes, a radiant heater works by generating infrared radiation. It comes equipped with a metal element and reflector more or less like a glowing quartz. A radiant heater transfers heat to the object. It is the most commonly used room heater. Radiant heater is inexpensive, simple, and quite effective in maintaining the room temperature. There are four types of radiant heaters- electric, gas, floor, and radiant panels.

Convection Heating


A convector heater works on the simple principle of blowing air to the heating element which further blows warm air in the room with the help of a fan. The fan circulates the air around the room, covering a larger area than a radiant heater. It can be used both as a heater in winter and a fan in summer. There are five types of convection heaters- oil filled, ceramic, water, fan, and furnace heater.

Types of heaters

Portable Heater

A portable heater is  one which can be easily carried around the house. It is not an ultimate solution but a portable heater can provide relief from the cold to a single individual. It can be placed on a table, floor or bed to provide the required warmth.

Wall Heater

If you want to warm select rooms in your house, then go for a wall heater. It works on the basic principle of electric element, a reflector, and a fan. Installation takes no time when it comes to a wall heater. It doesn’t cost much, unlike the modern day winter appliances. Other features include noiseless environment, convenient in use, and safety proof.

Baseboard Heater

A baseboard heater is effective for big rooms. It is modern and doesn’t take much space to setup. A baseboard heater pulls in cold air and pushes out warm air. It is usually placed under the window. Baseboard heater is one the safest heating options for winter. It can keep kids and pets warm while keeping them safe.

Radiant Heater

The most conventional method of pushing away cold in winter is using a radiant heater. It is found in almost every home in India. The heat which is produced by the metal element is different from that of conduction or convection which means the heat waves can warm you up quickly.

Difference Between Radiant and Convection Heater


Things to keep in mind while buying a room heater

  • Heater Type

The first and foremost aspect is to determine what type of heater you are looking for. Though there are various heater styles but radiant and convection are the two most widely used heating technologies. Radiant heaters provide quick spot heating and convection heaters deliver full-room heating. Devise your requirement and buy accordingly.

  • Heating Potential

Generally, a room heater requires 10 watts of electricity to deliver heat in a square foot of space. Ergo, an average-sized room as big as 150 square feet will demand a 1,500-watt heater. This rule may not apply on every model but can give you an insight about heating capacity and required watts.

  • Safety Features

Without the required safety measures, it is meaningless to buy a room heater or any appliance for that matter. To avoid risk, many room heaters come equipped with an auto-off mode which gets enabled when the heater gets overheated.

  • Energy Efficiency

The most important factor is how much energy efficient a room heater is. To maintain low heating cost, it is better to compare products from multiple brands like Voltas and Usha and more. Voltas is one of the world’s premier engineering solutions provider and project specialists. Make sure the heater you are going to buy has features like  energy saving mode, adjustable thermostats, or auto-shut down mode to save electricity and avoid any untoward happening.

Beat the heat, buoy!

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