Cafes in Mumbai for Our Furry Friends

pet-friendly cafe with wooden furniture

We all love our pets to the core and there’s nothing we want more than being able to let them accompany us everywhere instead of just leaving them alone at home.

Ever wondered why people love their pets unconditionally?
Well, seems like it’s not just some random talk as researchers found that a hormone, oxytocin, is released in both human and canine brains when a dog is gazing at its owner and is responsible for triggering feelings of unconditional love and protection.

Now that it’s a well-established fact that our love for our pets is very much sensible and logical.

Here are some pet-friendly cafes you can visit and have a fun time with your pets!

The Bagel Shop, Bandra

This chic cafe is perfect if you want to sit alone and spend some time by yourself. But what makes it better is that you can even take your pet there and if you don’t have one, might as well grab the opportunity to play with the others! So grab a book, order a yummy bagel and curl up with your pet to have a perfect weekend here.

Woodside Inn, Oshiwara

Craving for some fresh air and a chilled beer accompanied with a piping hot pizza, but can’t leave your pet alone? Then Woodside Inn is just the place for you! Head over to this food join for some delicious french fries and enjoy the ambiance and music with your fluffer and make some great memories!

Cafe Pefe

Planning to celebrate your doggo’s birthday? Head over to this little cafe near Lokhandwala. Swiggy offers a glimpse of the food they have for your pet including sweet treats! They even have a special zone where your woofer can socialize with other dogs.

The Village Shop, Bandra

If you love good food and your pet the most then you must visit The Village Shop and enjoy vegan, gluten free food with your pet. You can enjoy a cup of coffee after an evening walk with your pet.

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