Have you got a party planned for the coming weekend? You are done with planning appetizers and meals but the dessert is pouring confusion in your mind. Put your worries to rest as we are listing out the most popular cake recipes of this year. These cakes got an over-whelming response in the form of great feedback and mind-blowing number of shares. Bake up a sweet treat with any of these recipes and put a delightful treat for your family and guests! Let’s get started!

Butter cake: If you are someone who likes a simple cake which can be customized with a dash of different ingredients, then this recipe is right up to your alley. This plain old simple cake can be made with ingredients that are easily available and present in the pantry of many people.


It requires ingredients such as baking powder, unsalted butter, castor sugar, plain flour, vanilla essence and more. You might also want to consider Pizza hut coupons to grab a scrumptious slice of pizza if you prefer pizzas to cakes.

Coconut cake

Just look at it! Raise your hand if it reminds you of the movie Frozen or at least, snowfall! I just want to make it this instant and put a big piece into my mouth. I am sure this is one recipe which can send people into food coma.


The blogger recommends making this cake a day ahead of time and putting it in the freezer. So if you have an elaborate menu planned for your party, this recipe can give you ample of time on that day to begin with other food preparations. You just have to take out this cake an hour before you have to serve. Visit “homemadeinterest” website to read the full ingredients list and recipe.

Make you famous rum cake

The bloggers explains the idea behind this quirky name. She says that the cake will make you famous among your friends and family because it’s a super delicious treat.


You will need a box cake mix for making it as the recipe is not made from scratch. Find the full recipe on “thriftylittlelemon”. And if you fall short on time later, just order a cake using Foodpanda coupons present on CashKaro.com at discounted prices. Get it delivered right to your doorstep!

Brownie butter cake

Another hit recipe from the famous blog “rasamalaysia”. This brownie butter cake recipe is perfect for you if you like the combination of a butter and brownie cake. The sweetness of Brownie is balanced well by the butter cake. You first need to bake the brownie and then the butter cake.


The recipe requires quite an investment of your time. If you find the gift of time not given well to you on the D-day, don’t start biting your nails. Just make use of Swiggy coupons available on CashKaro.com to order a cake of your choice and that too without paying a full price.

Chocolate covered strawberry cake

When I first came across this recipe, I literally kept staring at it. I had a hard time moving my eyes away from it. The combination of chocolate with fresh, juicy strawberries is so mouth-watering! Go to “sugarhero” website to find the full ingredients and recipe. The blog is a home to many delectable recipes which you must check out.

Chocolate Strawberry Cake

These recipes should help you put up a scrumptious treat for your friends and family this holiday season!

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