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Your car is always on a run, literally. Dust and dirt are the least of its worries, because it has to deal with pollen, animal poop, tree sap and what not. When your car goes through all of that, you end up spending thousands on car washes.

When it is inevitable and has to be done, why not own the tools that make car cleaning easy, fun and inexpensive too. Club Factory offers various car cleaning tools that you should own and that too, at discounted prices by using Club Factory coupons.

Here are our top picks.

Car Polish

To give your car a fresh, new look and get rid of minor scratches, the wide range of car polishes that Club Factory offers would spoil you with choice. There are various manufacturers who have listed their products on the platform and are ready for you to get your car a makeover it deserves!

Cleaning Sponge

Your delicate baby needs the care, given by delicate sponges. The microfiber cleaning sponges available on Club Factory are all that your car needs for a dirt free look. On top of that, using Club Factory coupons, you can avail discounts to keep your car new and pockets heavy.

Dashboard shiner

Looking right at you, is the dashboard of your car, 24×7. For the guests who board your car, dashboard is the first thing that they come across and can make or break any impression that they might have of you. With Club Factory coupon code, you can keep both your dashboard and your wallet, shining bright like a diamond.

Car cleaning kit

Yes, you can either buy individual products, or a wholesome car cleaning kit to keep your cleaning woes away. It can also be used as a gift for your friends and family, that too at discounted prices, all thanks to the Club Factory Promo Codes.

You can now get more coupons from CashKaro and keep your car shining at all times!

Happy cleaning, folks!

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