Ever wondered how it would feel if you can get cashback on ANYTHING you shop online? Put your imagination to rest. The real deal is finally here! It’s time to shop for absolutely ANYTHING on your favorite online stores and get REAL cashback!!

How Does It Work?

We believe that we have given you more food for thought. You might be wondering if what we say is REALLY TRUE because it seems ‘too good’ to be true! Well, it is not without PROOF that we brag ourselves of being India’s No.1 Cashback & Coupons Website.

See How Cashback Works:

Welcome to CashKaro.com, a revolutionary website that lets you save money on almost ANYTHING you shop online. It is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is follow these 5 simple steps and EARN cashback on all your purchases online – starting now!

Step 1: Sign Up for a FREE account on CashKaro.com

Go to CashKaro.com and sign up for a FREE account. You will be prompted to enter your email address, a Username and a password. Fill in the details and click on ‘JOIN FREE NOW’.

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Step 2: Login and Search for Products

Once you have registered, you will be logged in automatically to your account. You will be able to see your account details which includes details like Cashback earned and Paid cashback.

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Now, you can search for the products you want to purchase using the search bar. Type in the product name or search for the retailer of your choice.

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Step 3: Complete the Purchase

Once you search for a product, you will get exclusive deals relating to the product.

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Check out the deal you like and click on ‘GRAB DEAL’. You will now be taken to the retailer’s website through CashKaro.com

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Now, shop as usual and purchase the product of your choice. Your cashback will be tracked by CashKaro (since it was done through CashKaro.com) and added to your account.

Important Tip: Don’t click back or check other sites after having clicked out of CashKaro.com

Step 4: Cashback gets Tracked and Added to Your Account

As you have made a transaction through CashKaro.com, your cashback will be tracked and the cashback percentage – as mentioned for the product (refer Step 2) – will get credited to your account within 72 hours.

Step 5: Transfer to Bank Account

Once your cashback reaches the minimum threshold of Rs 250, you can transfer it to your bank account. There is NO EXTRA FEE for the bank transfer. You can also redeem your cashback as gift vouchers from Amazon India and Flipkart.

Thousands of users transact everyday via CashKaro and earn a ton of cashback. What are you waiting for?

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