From viral tweets to massive earnings for some, cryptocurrency has been taking over all our lives lately. And rightly so, cryptocurrency is pitched to be the future of money. While cryptocurrency was invented in 2009, it has slowly but surely taken over the news cycle over the last few years. From Elon Musk to Wall Street bigshots, everyone is enamoured by it. If you’re still a little confused or intimidated by it, maybe this offer from CoinDCX will help you ease into the complex, yet fascinating world of cryptocurrency.

CashKaro is proud to announce its newest partner, CoinDCX! This Singapore based company specialises in crypto-enabled financial services. Enter the world of digital currency with your gateway to crypto, CoinDCX.

What is CoinDCX?

Simply put, CoinDCX is a user-friendly platform where you can buy/sell cryptocurrency of all kinds. It is ISO-certified and is backed by industry-leading security providers, so your assets will always be protected. With 1 lakh+ monthly users and a 40 million+ trading volume, when it comes to cryptocurrency, CoinDCX has got your back.

Their platform allows users to buy or sell crypto in seconds while building a strong portfolio. They’ve sold over 75 billion INR worth of crypto and more than 3 billion INR is currently invested using their secure and safe platform. Their dedicated customer support team helps users new to crypto build their portfolio with ease and confidence.

Advanced traders need not worry, as CoinDCX has amazing features in stock for you too! From single-point access to multiple products and limitless trading, this platform is a dream come true. They provide instant deposits and withdrawals along with 0% fees. What more could you ask for?

Get Rs 100 worth of Bitcoin for FREE

You heard that right, to kickstart your bitcoin journey, CashKaro brings you an exclusive code that will deposit in your account Rs 100 worth of Bitcoin for FREE! All you have to do is install the app and sign up (there are no sign-up charges, of course) and use the code CK100 to avail your free Bitcoin!

CoinDCX CashKaro
CoinDCX CashKaro

Did you know? If you owned Rs 100 worth of bitcoin in 2015, you would have Rs 13,000 in 2021. Sounds exciting, right?

Things you can buy with Bitcoin

Now that you know what CoinDCX is, and have read the irresistible offer above, you might be wondering, “Bitcoin toh theek hai, but isse le kya sakte hain? Is it actually money?” The answer’s yes. Here’s a random but awesome list of things you can purchase with Bitcoins and some interesting facts:

  • Furniture. Who would’ve thought you could decorate your home with statement pieces that you bought with bitcoins? Well, it’s possible now!
  • Pizza. While this service is only available in the US right now, it will slowly but surely make its way around the globe here!
  • A vacation. Expedia allows you to book flight tickets and vacation packages with bitcoins!
  • A trip to space. Yes, this is legit.
  • A college degree. Yep, a college in New York accepts bitcoin as tuition fee!

👋CashKaro Exclusive Offer👋

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