Delhi-NCR is enveloped in a thick blanket of smog and it’s hard to miss. We’re breathing air so thick with pollutants, that it’s not only hazardous to our health but, is causing road accidents, flight delays and blocking out sunlight.

While the privileged few have the option of switching on an air purifier and staying protected in their offices and homes, others aren’t so fortunate. There is little those who work out there on the streets can do.

Delhi smog CashKaro Help

When our very office guard complained of breathing trouble team CashKaro decided to we were going to #FightTheSmog. In a bid to make life easier for all those who keep us safe and help us go about our lives CashKaro donated Air Pollution Masks to all the Security Guards, Gate Keepers and Auto-Wallas in and around our office in Sector 44, Gurugram.

CashKaro Fights Delhi Smog

We tried to reach out to as many people as possible on foot and distributed air masks to everyone who needed to stay outdoors all day.  It was a small activity for our team but we are positive more people will take cue from this.

Collecting some rare moments along the way, all of us realized that it is imperative to take proactive steps to keep each other safe from the dire situation of Air Pollution in Delhi NCR.

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CashKaro Crusaders educated everyone on the streets about the hazards of air pollution, especially auto drivers, who risk maximum exposure. We encouraged them to keep their masks on throughout the day.

Delhi smog CashKaro Help 7

We also witnessed a rare moment of friendship when one security personnel helped another out and encouraged the use of air masks at all times.

The team at CashKaro, urges everyone to stay safe and care for the people who care for us. In a situation of crisis, it’s best to huddle together and stand with one another.

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Stay safe everyone!

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