It’s officially sale season. As Amazon, Flipkart, and other leading shopping sites gear up for 2020’s biggest sales, here’s your chance to save Exxxtra on everything you buy online. These sales will bring you some incredible deals but guess what? There’s something more that can help you save those extra bucks on your Diwali shopping.

CashKaro, India’s largest cashback site, brings to you it’s very own Exxxtra Cashback Festival. CashKaro’s unique business model gives you cashback on top of all pre-existing discounts on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio etc. All you need to do is visit these sites from the CashKaro site or app.

What is CashKaro’s Exxxtra Cashback Festival? 

Shopping season just got more exciting with the arrival of the biggest Cashback carnival. CashKaro’s Exxxtra Cashback Festival is a month-long fest that will offer you bonus cashback above all the retailer discounts. This way you can shop for your favourite products on sites like Amazon, Myntra, Ajio, and many more at the best prices. This cashback festival will offer you four-fold benefit. 

Sale Discounts + Bank and Wallet Offers + CashKaro Cashback/Rewards + Bonus Cashback on all online purchases! 

What a bargain! Isn’t it? 

Grab Exxxtra Now

Watch the video to know more about CashKaro’s Exxxtra Cashback Festival

Exxxtra Cashback Festival Dates 

The dates to the biggest cashback festival ever are here. CashKaro’s Exxxtra Cashback Festival will be live from October 15 to November 15.

Exxxtra Cashback Festival Dates

What Will You Get? 

With CashKaro, you can save on anything and everything online, and we have finally cracked a way to help you save more on your online shopping. So, this festive season, get ready to fill your pockets with Exxxtra Cashback, because with CashKaro, #YouGetMore hamesha.

Check out the bonus rates that we will offer you during the entire sale season below. These bonuses are applicable above all the retailer discounts and bank/wallet offers.  

Retailer Name CashKaro Cashback Bonus
Amazon Up to 5% Rewards 
  • Up to Rs 500 (min order value of Rs 3000)
  • Up to Rs 1000 (min order value of Rs 5000)
  • Up to Rs 2000 (min order value of Rs 10000)
  • Myntra Up to 6% Cashback Rs 100 (order value above Rs 2000)
    Ajio Flat 10% Cashback 10% (orders over Rs 4000)
    Clovia Flat 15% Cashback 5% (orders above Rs 2000)
    NNNOW Flat 10% Cashback 10% (orders over Rs 4000)
    Super SmellyFlat Rs 500 CashbackNA
    MamaearthUp to 20% Cashback5% (orders over Rs 2000)
    ShyawayFlat Rs 300 CashbackNA

    To top it all, here’s the X factor that’ll make you want to shop more and save Exxxtra this festive season: 

    • 2000 Amazon Gift Vouchers worth Rs 250
    • 3 Mega Prizes worth Rs 1 Lakh each
    • Chance to avail over 20 Exclusive offers from partner sites 

    Dates for Upcoming Online Sales 

    Mark the dates for these upcoming online sales and shop till you drop for everything, including Home Appliances, Electronics, Fashion, and more. 

    Amazon’s Great Indian Festival 

    • Amazon Great Indian Festival Starts: October 17, 2020; Saturday 
    • Amazon Great Indian Festival Ends: No dates disclosed yet 
    • Early Access for Prime Members: October 16, 2020; Friday 

    Myntra’s Big Fashion Festival 

    • Big Fashion Festival Begins: October 16, 2020; Friday 
    • Big Fashion Festival Ends: October 22, 2020; Thursday 
    • Early Access for Insider Members: 2-day Early Access for Icon and Elite Insiders; Ongoing

    Ajio’s Giant Fashion Sale

    • Giant Fashion Sale Begins: October 15, 2020; Thursday 
    • Giant Fashion Sale Ends: October 19, 2020; Monday

    View more information on the Sale Calendar! 

    How to Earn Additional Bonus During CashKaro’s Exxxtra Cashback Festival? 

    To earn Exxxtra Cashback on your purchases, follow these easy steps:  

    Get Cashback via CashKaro

    **To read the full terms and conditions of this festival click here!

    Important Things to Remember While Shopping Via CashKaro 

    • When you shop at Amazon or Flipkart via CashKaro, you earn CashKaro Rewards. Rewards are just like Cashback, except that you can redeem them as Amazon/Flipkart Gift vouchers only and not transfer to your bank account 
    • Add products to your Amazon cart only after clicking out from CashKaro, not before. If you add products and then click out from CashKaro, your Rewards will not track
    • In the case of Amazon and Flipkart, CashKaro Rewards are payable whether you shop on their mobile app or desktop/mobile sites. However, in the case of other sites like Myntra, Ajio, Mamaearth, WOW, etc., CashKaro Cashback is only paid if you shop on their desktop/mobile site, not mobile app   
    • Do not visit any other coupon or deal site after clicking out from CashKaro  
    • No cashback is applicable if you cancel or return the order. Of course, in this case, we will not earn any commission, and we cannot pay any Cashback to you

    Wondering Where CashKaro Cashback Comes From?  

    When you visit any of our 1500+ partner sites via us and shop, we get paid commission for every order. We pass a large portion of this as Cashback to you. Simple!   

    So, this Diwali season, remember to shop via CashKaro on all your favourite sites and earn Exxxtra Cashback by shopping across categories. Avail awesome deals available during CashKaro’s Exxxtra Cashback Festival where har cheez pe milega Cashback

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