The Indian Premiere League is back again! Millions of Indians look forward to this mega event all year. We all have our favorite teams and love to see them win. During matches, we love to predict scores and when those predictions come true, we experience happiness that knows no bounds!

CashKaro has introduced a way to compound that happiness by giving you free money.  Yes, you read that right. Now you can earn money by watching your favorite teams compete.

How To Enter CashKaro’s IPL Contest

  • Go to CashKaro and click on the IPL contest
  • You will find the schedule for all the matches
  • Click on “Yes” under the ‘Participate Now’ column
  • This takes you to a google doc where you can participate
  • Enter your details
  • Guess both team’s scores, number of sixes and number of fours in the upcoming match
  • By guessing correctly, you win the Cashback of the same amount
  • Read the following example to understand better


Match: Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils
MI Score (Guess): 162
DD Score (Guess): 158
Number Of Sixes (Guess): 9
Number Of Fours (Guess): 21

If all your guesses are correct, you will win Rs. 350 Cashback (162 + 158 + 9 + 21).
But you earn cashback even if you guess one answer correctly.
It’s that simple!


Here are some screenshots that will help you participate with ease:

IPL Contest 2

Terms & Conditions

Before you begin, here are some terms and conditions you should know:

  • Submit guesses latest 1 hour before the match starts
  • Winners of each match are announced on CashKaro’s Facebook Page 72 hours after the match ends (
  • The amount of Cashback you earn will be the same as the number you guess
  • You will earn Cashback even if you guess one answer correctly
  • You will earn Cashback for every question you answer correctly
  • All prizes are added as bonus in your CashKaro Account 5 days after the Winners have been announced
  • CashKaro’s decision on all prizes to be paid will be final and binding
  • If you participate more than once for a particular match, you will be disqualified
  • Fraudulent and fake activities will not be entertained

For queries you can contact CashKaro at:

More About IPL

Make More Money With CashKaro 

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