CashKaro Smart Shopper Survey

The burgeoning e-commerce space is expected to reach dizzying heights in 2019. In order to understand online shoppers better, ran a survey across India. Analyzing over 5000 responses, here’s what the results showcased.

As expected, 92% of the respondents said that they would shop online if they get a product for almost free. 93% said that they buy products due to cashback offers.

As many as 89% of the respondents said that they like receiving offers from e-commerce sites on social media. When asked about travel bookings, 84% said they prefer deals over brands while making travel plans.

Saving money and time while shopping is probably the best feature that an online platform offers.  When asked what among the two would be their first preference, 78% men/women said that they buy things online to save money. An impressive statistic to note was that 94% of respondents actively look for cashback deals, discounts & offers. 90% of the people said that they would alter their shopping habits for availing the offers, deals & discounts.

The entertainment industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. Today, a major chunk of the audience shows an inclination towards Netflix and Amazon Prime. When asked why people paid for subscription services like these, 50% of the audience voted for the quality of content. The remaining half was further divided into 22% that attributed variety as a decisive factor while the remaining 15% voted for attractive pricing. However, 13% of respondents said that they don’t use these online entertainment services.

This survey also aimed to gauge the shopping habits and spending pattern of its respondents in 2018. The fashion category topped the charts with 42% followed by 11% spent on grocery, 38% on electronics, 3% on entertainment, 4% on travel and 2% attributed to medicine.

The outlook for online shopping in 2019 is rather bright with 91% of the audience saying that they are likely to spend more money on online shopping. Again, they will be spending the most on fashion with a 45% vote. Fashion is most likely to be followed by shopping for electronics with 33%. The remaining 9% will be spent on travel, 8% on grocery and a small share of 2% would be spent on medicine.

The results of the survey have been represented in the infographic below.


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