After the Superstars who were awarded in January, we met up with the CashKaro Superstars of April-May who have worked stupendously on some of the most crucial projects and received immense appreciation from the management. Here are a few excerpts

Akshima Singh

Assistant Manager, Partnerships and Alliances

Working at CashKaro since Oct 2015.

Q. What is the first thing that comes to your mind about CashKaro?

A. Cashkaro is like family.

Q: When did you join CashKaro and how has your journey been?

A. I joined a year and a half back; since then I can say I have been learning. Every single day, I learn something new from every individual in our team. It’s like a gold mine. There’s a plethora of experiences people carry and a five-minute talk with anyone can teach you such great things which are incredible.

Q: Talk about your Award, what did it take to get there?

A: Awards are a great sign of appreciation. And you feel happy when you are getting awarded for your hard work and efforts. It takes persistence and love towards what you do. I enjoy my work and work with the most dedication.

Q: Describe a typical day at CashKaro?

A: I don’t get off my bed without checking my emails. And our founder, Rohan has a tendency to send emails early in the morning which really inspire me and motivates me to do more. So this has become a habit now to check the inbox first thing. Since I’m in the partnerships team, I’m mostly on calls sometimes even while travelling. Our lunch breaks are super fun. As I said earlier, I feel I have a family here, we eat together and that’s why we stay together. My day ends a little late and sometimes doesn’t end as in my dreams I’m either at CashKaro or following up with my clients. 😛

Q: What have you learnt here?

A: Can’t define it here. I was totally new to the e-commerce world. Now I can proudly say I know a lot about this industry just because I’m working with CashKaro. We all work independently but yet so integrated. There is still so much to learn but till date, all that I know about e-commerce is what I’ve learnt here.

Q: Perks of working at CashKaro?

A: I would again say it’s learning. You get the freedom to do your work your way. Cashkaro follows democracy. It’s the employees who decide what they want and how they want it. Whenever there’s a change waiting to happen we all sit together and give feedback about the same like a family. So you get the freedom to talk and put across your point.

The founders, Rohan and Swati, listen to what each person has to say, even the newest person in the company or the office boy. They give equal importance to everyone.

Q: One special memorable incident that you can recall?

A: It’s my interview itself. So I came for the interview it was a guest house in which we were operating as we are a startup. I still remember I wasn’t even thinking of entering into the house as I was terrified what if this isn’t the correct house. But then I thought I shouldn’t do this and at least go for the interview. The process started by meeting with the HR, and later that I met Swati and Rohan. Trust me when I met Swati, all my doubts were gone. By just looking at her I knew that this is going to be fine and the way we conversed I got an assurance that I’m at the right place with the right people. 🙂 

M Dinesh Sri Harsha

Category and Product Analyst

Working at CashKaro since May 2015.

Q. What is the first thing that comes to your mind about CashKaro?

A: It’s my happy place, I come here every day to learn something new and work with some amazing people. That learning makes me grow as a person as well as a professional.

Q: When did you join CashKaro and how has your journey been?

A: I joined in May 2015 and since then, I’ve learnt each and everything about e-commerce. I came here with only a knowhow of what online shopping is as a user. My learning from the first day has been immense. But there’s so much more that I have to 

Q: Talk about your Award, what did it take to get there?

A: Hard work and patience, more than anything else. Since I work with our Founder, Rohan on most of my projects, I’ve got a chance to do some great work here. Been awarded now makes me feel very grateful, and now I’m newly charged up to build far bigger things than what I did before this. I thank our Founders immensely for their appreciation. 🙂

Q: Describe a typical day at CashKaro?

A: The day goes by in a blur with various tasks and activities. But it feels great to work so closely with Rohan who has something new to teach me almost every day. Work at CashKaro keeps me challenged and it’s surely been a great experience till now

Q: What have you learnt here?

A: I don’t know where to begin, I’ve learned about e-commerce, about how businesses work and drive change and I don’t think this learning will ever stop. I would like to mention that the way I learnt Microsoft Excel from my colleagues here has helped me a lot. 

Q: Perks of working at CashKaro?

A: I think for me, it’s the cashback deals. I have been a CashKaro user for quite a while now and shopped online for whatever I need. Also, the team here is full of young energetic minds who are interested in doing big things, so working with them is a truly enlightening experience. 

As I work directly with Rohan, his passion towards work and our company really motivates me. Even on the dullest of days, I dream of being able to work with the same dedication and focus that Rohan has. In fact, I have a dream to work for a day like Rohan does.

Q: One special memorable incident that you can recall?

A: Actually, if I had to recollect, from the day I had my interview with Swati and Rohan to landing a job here is quite memorable for me. I had come in with only a simple How-It-Works knowledge of CashKaro but meeting with Rohan and Swati and conversing with them was an enriching experience. 

It’s because of geniuses like you that we feel motivated to work harder! And for that, we truly salute you!

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