An exclusive interview with CashKaro Superstars for the month of January.


Karuna Singh

International Business Analyst

At CashKaro since 2014



Q. What is the first thing that comes to your mind about CashKaro?

A. CashKaro is an extremely fun-filled company to work with. After all these years, it has become my second home actually.

Q.  What was your Interview like and when did you join CashKaro?

My interview was super fabulous and interactive. It was a panel interview. I was asked some really good questions. There was one question which stood out. I was asked what is the tagline I would use to market myself if I were a product? I said “Pocket-sized Powerhouse” in a heartbeat. Everyone in the interview room burst out laughing. I took a moment to process what had just happened and I started laughing too. It was a great experience.  I joined CashKaro in 2014.

Q. Talk about your Award. What did it take to get there?^844196F342D037B1E1BA7FA9543192CF5E3B8EB2D6CFD8AD06^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

A. I was overwhelmed when I got my award. It definitely took hard work and dedication to get there. But it would have been impossible without the constant support of my team and Rohan & Swati. The indomitable spirit of our team keeps me going.

Q. Describe a typical day at CashKaro?

A. My day entails updating our email database, checking if the site is updated with the latest offers, talking to our clients in UK to get the best deals and making performance reports. Towards the end of the day, I talk to our customers via email to resolve their queries.

Q. What have you learnt here?

A. I have learnt a lot of things. Best out of them is EXCEL. I have also learnt HTML and basics of Google Adwords.

Q. Perks of working at CashKaro?

A. The open system allows the members of the CashKaro team to communicate with each other. Here, we make the most of the synergy and work together. Everyone is ready to help each other to achieve the combined vision, which our company stands for.

Q. One special memorable incident that you can recall?

A. CashKaro has given me so many memorable moments that it is difficult to pen down one. However, there is this incident which I would like to mention. My birthday-my birthday was celebrated like a festival and I am not exaggerating. Everyone was so happy. Swati got me a box of chocolates from London which made my day!

Augustine Lobo Lobo

Senior Maketing Associate

At CashKaro since 2015


Q. What is the first thing that comes to your mind about CashKaro?

A. CashKaro is the best company I have ever worked at. Working here is really great because pressure and targets come as complements, and I love them. CashKaro changed a normal ME to a workaholic beast. This is what comes to my mind first when I think about CashKaro.

Q. What was your Interview like and when did you join CashKaro?

A. My Interview process was a marathon. It took about 20 days to finally get the offer letter. It all started with a long questionnaire and ended with an exciting interview with Rohan and Swati. When I heard I was selected, there were no second thoughts about looking at other recruitment options. I joined in 2015.

Q. Talk about your Award. What did it take to get there?^BFBDF2F166C04E3DE94FE8810F8FDF03BCBAAD6B135453FC7D^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

A. To get an award out of a whole bunch of people is not easy. I consider everyone to be good talent here. For me to reach this milestone achievement, I had to work my ass off, cross every work related obstacle and achieve this. The reason I got this award was that I never gave up at any point of time. Even while the performance of my domain was low earlier, the team strived, didn’t give up and finally reached a point where the whole company admires us now. So I would like to dedicate this award to the whole team itself.

Q. Describe a typical day at CashKaro?

A. I am a kind of person who loves my work so much, much more than I love food. Hence I find each day more exciting than the last.

Whatever my work loads are, I always ensure that I spend time (atleast half an hour) in learning something new in my domain and this has helped me to become what I am today. I strongly believe that every individual should take out some time every day and learn something new.

Q. What have you learnt here?

A. Learnt a lot here. Apart from technical and knowledge gain, the important thing that I have learnt here is how to cope with pressure and how to give more than your 100% every day. I learnt this from the tireless working nature of my boss Rohan Bhargava. The company has given me lot of opportunities and time to learn and experiment with things in my domain and I have made the most of it. It is a vision of my boss to see me as the best SEO Expert in India and I feel that I am on the right path 🙂

Q. Perks of working at CashKaro?

A. Huge scope of learning and opportunities to experiment with things.. No matter if you are experienced or a fresher, if you have the talent and attitude to do more, CashKaro gives you the chance to go big. This is the best part here! And of course, the snacks and parties 😛

Q. One special memorable incident that you can recall?

A. Whenever my work gives good results, those moments are special to me. Last year I asked Swati to give me better opportunities because I felt I could do something great here and then I was given opportunity to work in the SEO team. To have worked hard and providing decent results till now, is the most special feeling I have here.

Congratualtions, guys. You make us proud. 

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